Tzenkethi Coup d'état of 2388

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2388 Tzenkethi coup d'état
Basic Information
Date: December 2388

Ab-Tzenketh, Tzenketh star system

Korzenten's Loyalist Armed Forces of Coalition
Korzenten Rej Tov-AA Larquenten Rej Tov-AA
8,651 soldiers 98% of the Armed Forces of Coalition
Unknown Unknown

On 12 December 2388, elements of the Tzenkethi Coalition, led by Larquenten Siv Kre-AA, Commander of the Coalition Navy, launched a coup d'état.


The coup followed a year-long political crisis in the Coalition related to Korzenten Rej Tov-AA's efforts to open the borders of the coalition and allowing the major powers to set up embassies on Ab-Tzenketh. This move was objected to by Larquenten Tzel Tov-AA, the Commander of the Coalition Navy who felt that it was unwise to allow the unpure to set foot on the homeworld.

In November 2388, the Tzelnira submitted a censure to the Autarch following several newer policies that opened the Coalition to the bigger galaxy. It was also discovered that Korzenten Rej Tov-AA was working with several members of the diplomatic corps to undo the law that required genetically testing while still in utero. During this time, a Breen Thot by the name of Grez arrived to meet with the Autarch. The meeting was brief as both men quickly learned that they were polar opposites and would not see eye to eye. Before leaving, Thot Grez meet with Larquenten for an unspecified amount of time. When both men parted, the leader of the Coalition Army set to work. In late November, elements of the Coalition Intelligence that were loyal to Korzenten Rej Tov-AA informed him that Larquenten Tzel Tov-AA was gaining control of the armed forces and intelligence so that they could replace Korzenten as Autarch. Korzenten discounted those rumors, thinking Larquenten would never perform such a foolish act.


After discovering that the military was split between the two men, Korzenten decided against waiting for the Commander of the Navy a chance to gather more forces.

The counter-coup was stopped before it could be launched when elements of the Second and Third Fleets arrived in system and began to attack the Loyalist Home Fleet. No chance for surrender was given by the Second and Third Fleet as they opened fire on the Home Fleet. This opening attack reduced the Home Fleet from being the biggest fleet in the navy to equal standing with the Second and Third Fleet.

At the same time that the navy was fighting over the homeworld and its moon, elements of the Directorate of Public Safety turned on their comrades and began to push toward the home of Korzenten Rej Tov-AA. It was later discovered by Starfleet Intelligence, that Korzenten Rej Tov-AA was not unprepared for the coup since he was in the Federation Embassy at the time meeting with the Federation Ambassador.

Arrest and detention of diplomatic figures

On the night of 11 December 2388, military officers detained several members of Korzenten Rej Tov-AA's government. Yet, DPS had not been idle as they turned their attention to the Diplomatic Corps of the Tzenkethi Coalition. While a battle was taking place in the skies of Ab-Tzenketh elements of the DPS and the Army moved on the embassies in the Diplomatic Zone. In what has become known as the biggest breach of the Babel Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the military of the Tzenkethi Coalition stormed the embassies of the Federation, Romulan Star Empire, Klingon Empire and several other powers.

Following what has become known as the Storming of the Embassies, several prominent Ambassadors are still being held by the DPS. The Federation's Department of the Exterior has also noted that the Federation Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Tzenkethi Coalition, Michael McKinle,y has been held incommunicado since the launch of the coup and the escape of Korzenten to Federation space.

Control of Public Activities and Media

Upon the launch of the coup, the DPS announced that martial law has been implemented on Ab-Tzenketh and that all large gatherings were banned. DPS furthermore ordered all educational institutes to close while It imposed a curfew throughout the system, ordering people to stay indoors.


Over fifty-one people have been reported as dead and more than 250 were injured during the coup. The Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire and other powers have been unable to contact members of the Tzenkethi Diplomatic Corps and have issued warnings to the Coalition.

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