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Federation FactionStarfleet

Type 15-shuttlepod
Class Information


Main Cruising Speed:


Main Energy Weapons:

2x Type-VI Phaser Emitters

Torpedo Launchers:



Graviton Shielding System

Crew Members
Main Crew Compliment:





Class Description

The Type 15 shuttlepod was introduced as a smaller and lighter counterpart to the Type 6 shuttlecraft. Like the Type 6, it had modern materials and systems but unlike the Type 6 it also had an original hull design. Starfleet had worried about bringing in too many new ideas to the board with the Type 6. However, the lower level of resources involved in producing the much smaller Type 15 cause Starfleet to chance a completely new design. In order to reduce the risk of failure to a minimum, the requirement called for a very simple design, consisting almost wholly of flat surfaces joined by molecular welding. This gives quite poor aerodynamic qualities, but the Type 15 is capable of sustained flight within an estimated 80% of all Class M planetary atmospheres.

The Type 15 is capable of conducting almost any mission its larger siblings can, including interplanetary missions. The limiting factor in terms of range is considered to be crew comfort - with the crew confined to a single seat for the entire mission, uninterrupted mission durations above 12 hours are avoided if at all possible, while the Type 15 is not considered suitable for missions of greater than 26 hours except in emergencies.

Shuttlecraft Specifications

Basic Information
  • Role: Short Range Shuttlepod
  • Dimensions: 3.6 meters (L) x 2.4 meters (W) x 1.6 meters (H)
  • Expected Duration: 10 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 1 day
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 1 year
Crew Compliment
  • Total Crew: 2
    • Minimum Crew: 1
    • Maximum Crew: 2
    • Passengers: 0
  • Thrusters: RCS Thrusters
  • Sublight Speed: 0.75c
  • Warp Speed
    • NONE: Cruising Speed

Offensive Systems



  • None
Defensive Systems
Primary Systems
  • Power System: One Impulse Engine
  • Computer System: LCARS Controlled Isolinear circuitry computer system
  • Transporters: 1 Emergency Beam Out
    • Transporter Range: 5,000 meters
  • Sensor Range: 3 light years
  • Communications Range: 4 light years
Other Notes

SHUTTLECRAFT FEATURES: Capable of Landing on Planets

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