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Turlix System
Grid E2, Beta Quadrant

Beta Quadrant


Cardassian Union

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Deep Space 10


The Turlix System inside the Cardassian Union is the suspected locale of a base belonging to the Order of 12. It is located to the "north east" of the the Trivas System and is not far from the edge of the Cardassian border and the Gavarian Corridor.

The system first became a place of interest for Starfleet in 2387 when Legate Rekor of the Cardassian 7th Order visited Captain Nathan Hunter of Deep Space 10 with some vital information; Cardassian intelligence suspected the presence of a secret Order of 12 facility located in the system. Under the terms of the Gavarian Armistice Agreement, Rekor solicited the help of Captain Hunter and his crew in investigating the truth behind this hidden base.

Upon arrival in the system aboard the USS Mikhail Kalashnikov, a facility was identified on the moon named Tural. Captain Hunter, Commander Zilth and Lieutenant Durol took a shuttle to the surface of Tural, the moon orbiting the 3rd planet of the system and began their investigation.

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