Trivas System

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Trivas System
Grid D2, Alpha Quadrant

Gavarian Frontier


Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

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Star System:

Binary Star System



Notable Points of Interest:
Discovery Date:

12 January 2373

Discovered By:

DS9 Salvage Team


The Trivas System, located in at the mouth of the Gavarian Corridor in the Alpha Quadrant, is home to three midsized planetoids of various class and designation. The planet of most significance is Trivas I. An M class planetoid, Trivas I is soon to be the home of a new Federation colony and is also the closest planet to Deep Space 10. Trivas II is also slated for colonisation but not for Starfleet. Instead, the planet is due to become the new home of the Ash'voro, a race who have lost their own home world and are looking to relocate.

Trivas System

With the establishment of Deep Space 10 as Starfleet's base of operations for the region, the Trivas System is to become a key hub of Starfleet activity.

Trivas I: M Class Planetoid

Trivas I

Trivas I orbits the Second Star in the system. An M class planet located in the Habitable Zone of the Trivas System and some 14 thousand kilometers in diameter, its climate varies from tundra to deserts and is fully capable of supporting life.

There are no signs of humanoid life having existed on the planet in the past, despite an abundance of animal life that still thrives here. Starfleet has approved colonisation of the planet. The first construction teams have arrived, and quickly set up camp for three hundred people. On the onset of the Cardassian-Romulan War, Starfleet accelerated its efforts, placing additional elements to support and defend the colony.

Trivas II: M Class Planetoid

Trivas II

Trivas II orbits the First Star in the system. An M class planet located in the Habitable Zone of the Trivas System and is a planet some 15 thousand kilometers in diameter, its climate varies from tundra to deserts with only a small proportion of her land mass being green and fertile land. The planet is fully capable of supporting life, just like Trivas I, but again, no signs of humanoid life have been found.

Trivas II has been earmarked as a possible colonisation site for the Ash'voro people.

Trivas III: L Class Planetoid

Trivas III orbits the First Star in the system. An L class planet, located in the echosphere of the Trivas system and only 10 thousand kilometers in diameter, Trivas III has a rocky, barren surface with virtually no water. The atmosphere is oxygen/argon with a high concentration of carbon dioxide. Lifeforms, if any, are limited to plant life. Starfleet Command has no plans at present to colonise the planet, focusing instead on Trivas I and II.

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