Trigati Republic

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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

Trigati Republic
Basic information
Major Species:



Trigati Prime

Political Information

Federal Republic

  • President
  • Prime minister
  • Cabinet of Viziers
Military Branches:

Trigati Forces


The Trigati Republic is a Federation ally located in the Beta Quadrant, on the far side of the Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire, bordering the Krazzle. First contact with the Federation was made by the USS Reuben James in 2366, but due to the Dominion War and the Trigati's relatively distant location, formal diplomatic relations were not established until ten years later, as the Federation began to expand in the region following the Dominion War. Much of their space is littered with difficult-to-navigate spatial anomalies, the exact nature of which is not fully understood.

The Trigati are a somewhat peculiar species. Though peaceful and allied with the Federation, they respect force and do not consider espionage to be an unfriendly act (though they still take precautions against it). Thus, Trigati agents have at times been implicated in espionage operations generally considered unbecoming of an ally. But while their behavior may at times seem suspicious, they always prove themselves to be friends of the Federation, most notably by aiding in the rescue of the starship Victorious and her crew during the disastrous Gargos Incident of 2376.

In addition to the Federation, the Trigati are finalizing an alliance with the Romulans and maintain fair ties with the Klingons. They have no ties with the C'hakilians, and have fought numerous wars with the Krazzle, at times dragging the Federation into the fighting as well. They occupy little territory, but are an influential diplomatic power in the region, and establish missions at facilities far removed from their territory wherever they perceive their interests to be. Most recently, the Trigati have been working to expand their trade and diplomatic influence into the Alpha Quadrant.


The Republic's military arm, or Trigati Forces, are viewed as very much an extension of the Trigati diplomatic mission; the Trigati view war as the ultimate failure of diplomacy, but find that the combination of diplomacy with the prospect of force can be highly convincing. Never in their history, however, have the Trigati favored military expansionism, considering it both morally troublesome and too costly to be practical.

Trigati technology is generally comparable to that of the Federation, but their emphasis on border security and defense has led to a fleet well-suited to these tasks but ill-suited for operations beyond their borders. The military has few long-range cruisers that operate beyond their territory; these are used primarily to transport senior diplomatic officials.

Special Ranks

In addition to a rank system that roughly compares with that in Starfleet, the Trigati bestow certain ranks to officers based on their position in the military hierarchy.

  • Grand Admiral: The rank given to the Trigati commander-in-chief, who is typically also vizier of the government's military arm.
  • Chancerie: The rough equivalent to Captain, this is the rank given to the commander of a Trigati Forces vessel.
  • Gendanic: The rank given to a senior military official who is not in direct command of a starship or other unit. Commonly this will be a military attache at a Trigati diplomatic mission.


The difference between Trigati government and military is the difference they view between politcs and diplomacy. Politics, to the Trigati, is the means of determining the best and fairest course of action, whereas diplomacy is a means to reach the most favorable goal for oneself. The Trigati government is set up, therefore, to minimize the individual's power through a complex set of checks and balances, with only the highest-level officials standing above the fray. The resulting contortions that politicians go through are regarded almost as a sport by the general public.

The Trigati government is led by a president, who presides over a cabinet of viziers who are the president's top advisers and chief administrators. The Viziers control the government arms for commerce, industry, the military, diplomacy and so on, with each arm having its own set of councilors. The councilors all meet in a grand assembly at regular intervals to ratify the ministers' actions.

Administrative authority is also geographically very decentralized into several provences, which operate their own military divisions and act with considerable autonomy. Though the Trigati government is very stable, some provences can be far more protective of their territory than their central government.


The Trigati value commerce and diplomacy, and maintain a vast number of trading posts even outside their territory, all of which form a network leading back to the capital, Trigati Prime. Through these, they export a number of artifacts, resources, crafts, riches, and the like. They have only recently inked significant trade deals with the Federation, mainly using routes that lead through Romulan space. (Their extensive knowledge of the surrounding space has made them a major asset to the Federation's deep-space exploration efforts in that area.)