Treaty of Algeron

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

The Treaty of Algeron was a treaty of peace between the United Federation of Planets and Romulan Star Empire signed into effect in 2311. It redefined the limits and borders of the Romulan Neutral Zone established following the conclusion of the Earth-Romulan War in 2160. In reaffirming the borders and boundaries of the Neutral Zone it established a clear two and a half light year span for the Zone itself.

The treaty was later amended in 2386 to shrink the Neutral Zone in favor of political wind from the increased diplomatic relationship between the two powers. After the Shinzon Incident, Captain William T. Riker led a task group into Romulan space to begin humanitarian aid on some of their outlaying worlds. As a result, the Federation and Romulans were able to negotiate an amendment to the treaty which shrunk the Neutral Zone down to a one light year width. The amendment was signed by Admiral Tolak tr'Servek, commander of the Third Imperial Fleet, as proxy to the Romulan Praetor and Rear Admiral Kara Thrace, commander of Starfleet Task Force 93 of the Fourth Fleet, with permission from Admirals William Ross and Teylas Ramar as proxy to the President of the Federation.

Key Provisions

  • Marked disappearance of Romulans until 2364
  • Neutral Zone boundaries set to 2.5 light years 1 light year
  • Prohibition of Federation cloak development (with some exceptions, like the Phased Cloaking Device testing)

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