Trappist System

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Trappist System
Grid E3, Beta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Beta Quadrant

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Dr. Michael Gillon



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In the year 2015 a team of astronomers lead by Doctor Michael Gillon discovered five (5) planets orbiting a Dwarf star 40 Light Years away from Earth The observed planets were discovered to be “Earth Sized”. Upon further study the number of planets increased. In 2017, the total was changed to seven (7) with three (3) planets whose orbits are in the ‘Habitable Zone’.


Discovery (2015-2090)

During the Eugenics War and World War III, most space exploration was placed on hold until after Earth’s First Contact with Vulcans. After the breaking the Warp 1 barrier, small scouting vessels were sent to Trappist-1, now simply called the Trappist System. Early Telemetry confirmed that three planets in the system could support life.

In the Year 2090, a joint Russian and Belgium mission to colonize Trappist VI was launched. The ship, commanded by a descendant of Michael Gillon, landed on the intended target only to discover that the planet was already inhabited. The people of Trappist VI, a proud but merciful race, helped the Humans instead colonize Trappist V, a nearby smaller planet. The Humans named the colony Gillon. This also led to one of first treaties Humans made with another species.

Colonization of Trappist V (2090-2110)

Before the invention of the Subspace Relay, communication with the Trappist Colony was nearly non-existent. The Vulcan Consulate and a few convoys were able to ferry update to Earth about the growing colony. However, by the time Earth broke the Warp 5 Barrier, knowledge of Trappist V disappeared, overshadowed by the more important Vega Colony and the Martian Civil War.

The early colonists died from disease, as the water was proven poisonous. After months of study, the colonists found a way to circumvent this problem. The colony flourished with their Trappist neighbors, however in 2110, a new regime on Trappist VI declared the Humans as an inferior species. In autumn of that year, several smaller colonies were destroyed and the main city of Gillon was razed.

Revolt of 2110 (December of 2110, January of 2111)

Not wanting to lose their homes and all that they had built, the Humans, and several Trappist sympathizers fought back and eventually won their freedom from the Trappist Regime. A new treaty was written declaring the Human Colony separate from the system. A new joint government between Trappist VI and V was created with both Human and Trappian leaders. Gillon City was declared neutral ground and the system’s new capital.

Rediscovery and Romulan Occupation (2151-2159)

Though it had fallen by the wayside, the Trappist System was under the radar of Earth yet again, through Earth’s Starfleet. In 2151, a survey ship, USS Venerable came in contact with the capital city. They were surprised to find Humans living on both habited planets. Provisional talks began but were placed on hold for several years while Earth was at war with Romulus. The system was taken over briefly by the Romulan Star Empire until 2159, when the Coalition of Planets retook the system in a decisive battle that lasted thirteen weeks. Trappist became a member of the Coalition, providing aid and soldiers to the cause of ending the War.

The United Federation of Planets (2161-Current)

The Trappist System was one of many early pre-Federation Colonies to join the United Federation of Planets upon its founding in the year 2161. Though it had taken some wrangling for the colony to define it’s role as a member, the Trappian people (now considered a united peoples) voted for membership unanimously with backing from its government.

Government and Population Data

  • Date of Colonization: January 13, 2090 (By Earth)
  • Capital: Gillon City
  • Population: 1.3 billion per the 2380 Census
    • 55% Human
    • 24% Trappian
    • 10% Vulcan
    • 11% Other
  • Government: Representative Government
  • Current Leader: Shal Andriev Solon
  • Affliation: United Federation of Planets