Toran Krezek

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Federation Faction

Toran Krezek





January 2, 2340




Gateway Station


Commanding Officer

Played By:

"Flying Gremlin"

Personality and Traits

Physical Attributes

A tall and mid-weight man, Toran is a fine-looking older gentleman. His hair is starting to show a little grey behind the brown, but his blue-grey eyes are still as sharp as ever. He generally wears his hair short to his head.

Psychological Profile


  • History
  • Smallcraft rebuilding
  • Volleyball

Official Starfleet Psychological Profile, Stardate 59224.1

Psychologically, he has had some trauma in his life from his assignment on the USS Kursk, as such, he has a perchance to avoid the main bridge whenever possible.



Toran was born on Earth to two very loving parents, while they both attended Starfleet Academy. Tragically, though, his father was killed three months after his birth in a shuttle training accident. Michelle, a student in the Life Sciences course of the Academy, was forced to send her baby boy to Centauri VII, where his grandparents Gregor and Yolinda Mormar raised him from there on in as she continued on her studies. Toran learned a great deal in his childhood, about his mental powers and how he could telepathically read people's minds, and about the galaxy as he got regaled by stories from his grandfather's travels around the galaxy as a Starfleet captain, then later as an admiral.

Toran was always a fan of small craft and aviation as well. He could accurately date it to when his great-uncle Kieran took him up in a retired Lancaster starfighter. From then on in he was in love with starfighters, shuttles, anything that was small and manoeuvrable at sub-light speeds. Just like his mother, he also had a strong perchance to science and technology. His favourite toys involved building things, designing other things, and general engineering of things. He also was fascinated with life itself, and tried to understand it. From a young age, he took interests in what would later turn into biochemistry and biology.

Again, tragedy struck the small child when his mother's vessel, the USS Quebec, disappeared off the Cardassian border in late 2349. Starfleet later discovered the wreckage of the vessel with no survivors. A memorial service was held for her on the Mormar-Krezek family farm on Centauri VII, where a small headstone was placed beside Toran's father's resting place. It was after this service that Toran first met Vera, a mysterious figure that would become more important later on in Toran's life.

At this crucial timeline in Toran's life, he was taken in by his grandparents, Gregor and Yolinda Mormar. Though old, they loved Toran very much, and they raised him. It was in this environment that he learned his first part of interspecies relationships: telepathically scanning everyone was considered rude, and should only be done with consent from that individual. Gregor spent much of his free time with Toran, teaching him how to hone his developing telepathy and empathic skills. Both of his skills in this regard were not rated very highly, below the Betazoid norm, but they were still enough to read close-proximity thoughts within a dozen meters, feelings a little further to about 100 meters. He would keep this limit his entire life.

Toran's life didn't change too much outside of the events of 2349. He still played in the vineyards with Adrian and Pierce, his two cousins. Life still went on. However, Toran knew in his heart of hearts that his mother wasn't dead. He vowed to find her, and the best way to do that was to become a Starfleet officer.

Teenage Years

Toran was "a lot like his mother", according to Gregor, whom was a lot like her mother: intensely curious about everything in the scientific world around themselves. High science marks in school meant that Toran was well on his way to being any type of scientist he could be. He preferred chemistry, biochemistry and biology as subjects of study, fascinated by the life around him. He ventured pretty far into entomology, studying various insects and their reactions with external stimuli.

Starfleet Academy

First Year

Upon graduation from high school, he entered Starfleet Academy’s Science department, showing great promise as an officer. It was there that he met Cortana, in the same class as he was, and he courted her and the day before they graduated, they got married in a quiet ceremony in the Academy Dean’s Office.

First Assignment

Toran and Cortana were assigned together to the USS Galaxy.

The Rediscovery of Michelle Krezek

It was during this assignment, that he found out that his mother had not died; in fact, she brought several children with her.

Life After Discovery

Toran welcomed them into the family of Krezeks and took a special liking to the youngest of the four, Jeral. Jeral was a very disturbed little boy, to the point where he shocked himself out of using his empathic powers. Toran and Cortana welcomed him in, and they all lived on the USS Galaxy.

Leave of Absence - 2368 to 2370

Upon Toran’s mother’s death in 2368, he had to take a brief sabbatical from Starfleet to cope with the loss, and help his brothers and sister recover from the loss of the matriarch of the family.

Starfleet Career - 2370 to 2380

USS Anvil

It took a full year and a half for him to re-enter Starfleet, but when he did, he rose above the challenges that faced him on the USS Anvil. The same year he was promoted to full Lieutenant, his daughter was born. They named her Annika.

USS Osiris

Toran got reassigned to the USS Osiris after five years on board the Anvil, but Cortana Krezek stayed on board. Annika and Jeral came with Toran for the most part. Jeral leaves for Starfleet Academy two years later, and after that, Toran gets promoted to Executive Officer of the Osiris. After two years, he gets his own vessel, the USS Kursk, and promptly assigns his wife to it.

The USS Challenger-A Dissapears

During a mission, the Challenger dissapears from space, in an event that could not be explained. After three months of searching, the search was called off, and Toran was found not guilty for breach of protocol and given command of a starbase, Starbase 828.


  • Bravo Fleet Service Citation
  • Task Force Simmer of Distinction, Task Force 86, December 2005
  • TFXO of the Quarter, 1st Quarter 2006, Task Force 86
  • TFXO of the Quarter, 3rd Quarter 2006, Task Force 86
  • John Smith Adversity Award, for turning around Task Force 9, November 2006