The Reliquary

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The Reliquary
Star System:





Gamma Quadrant

Technical Details

Immaru (Former)
Federation (Current)


Alien Installation




Commodore Jelim Mar (Sector Commander)
Commander Amanda Greystone (Expedition Commander)




The Reliquary is a massive alien installation located deep in the Gamma Quadrant. In 2385, a Starfleet crew serving aboard the USS Ride was marooned on the Reliquary after an accident following a massive engagement with the Borg. The crew and the station were rediscovered by the USS Scorpio in 2388. As the station contains an incredible wealth of information it has been placed under the authority of Starfleet and is currently manned primarily by a mix of Starfleet and civilian Science personnel and engineers. As the station has been designated high priority it is under permanent guard of two Prometheus Class vessels and a Ronin Class vessel. Both the expedition and the security force are under the command of the Sector Commander, Commodore Jelim Mar. The expedition is led by Commander Amanda Greystone. A surviving member of the original Ride crew.


The Reliquary was built by a mysterious race originally simply referred to as the Builders. Recent discoveries have revealed that their true name was Immaru and that they commanded an enormous interstellar union long before any of the current powers could even think of space travel. The Reliquary and other stations of its kind were built with two purposes. To store and gather information on galactic developments for both the Immaru and future generations as well as to serve as one of the first lines of defence against enemy attack. As a result the Reliquary is incredibly powerful and could destroy any single ship fielded by the current galactic powers with ease. The Reliquary is equipped with an artificial intelligence exceeding current Federation capability going by the name 'Voss'. Experience by the crew of the Ride have shown that Voss is a benign program and does not pose any risk to crews on board the base or friendly ships surrounding it.

While the station could in theory house millions; security interests, its classified nature and the lack of knowledge on the full station have left the crew limited to 8,900.



It is unknown in what era the Immaru lived exactly, however the civilization predates any civilization known to the Federation, placing both its rise and fall before such prominent extinct civilizations as the Iconians. Only the Slaver Empire is believed to have existed even earlier. What is known from records of the Reliquary that the Immaru originated in the Gamma Quadrant but by their fall spanned large parts of the galaxy and with a presence in all quadrants. The Immaru were allowed to expand so far through the influence of an unknown entity that influenced their civilization at an early stage. Wanting to preserve their knowledge, they constructed extremely durable stations throughout their territory as a way to first defend themselves but second preserve any knowledge should the worst come to pass. Around 800 million years before the discovery by the crew of the Ride the last Immaru left the Reliquary. Ever since the station has reverted to a low power stasis mode.

The Long Stasis

While most systems were off-line or in a low power mode, the Immaru had also constructed remote autonomous sensor probes. Much like the Reliquary type stations these probes were designed to last, with the final ones only succumbing to time around 10,000 years prior. Information collected by these probes was constantly added to the database of the Reliquary, allowing it to witness the rise and fall of numerous empires. Several times ships did enter the system however identifying them as threats the Reliquary was swift to engage in defensive action. With the surrounding systems being home to various hazardous phenomena and the very Reliquary system being home to a black hole, the loss of these ships was always dismissed as an accident and no one ever followed up.

All of this changed when in 2385 the Reliquary identified another entry into its system, however rather than the ships that had come before this time there did not seem to be any military threat.