The Glosian Republic

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The Glosian Republic
Basic information
Major Species:

Home Species is The Glosian Republic


New Glosia



Warp Capable:

x3 Trajectory

Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Purist High Rule Dictatorship


Minster Fural

Military Branches:

Five Star Liberation Front Movement



The Glosian Republic Started in a distant part of the Delta Quadrant. Originally driven away by the Borg the Glosian Republic or TGR for short where driven to find a distant home. In 2185 the Borg had assimilated the home world of the Glosia which lead to the evacuation of the Planet. TGR had heard fairy tales of a place called The Round Table and they set a course. They knew it would take several years to complete there journey. 4,000 years to be exact but 5 years in to their journey they found a wormhole which placed them only 15 years away from there new home world.

Race and Religions

TGR is a spiritual group that found there way in 2206 when they made there way to The Round Table they established the new planet with their fate and beliefs. There faith was really tested in 2185 and the faithful followers of Hy'Kirum asked the universe to find them away to The Round Table a bit faster than 4,000 years and it seems the universe had answered the prayers.

Hy'Kirum Faith

Is the main religion on New Glosia. They believe that all life started in the universe and the Borg is the universe way of purging the non-believers from existence. They are a peaceful race that has spent their time exploring the Universe and finding ways spiritually for our bodies to shed the flesh and to exist with the universe once again as pure energy. They believe once a soul is dead they go back into the universe and share what they have learned with its creator.


The planet called New Glosia is made up with the race called the Glosian's and from the destruction of there original home world in 2185 they have spent the past few centuries rebuilding there society and there spiritual way of life. For the most part the Glosian Republic is the peaceful race of the Five Star Liberation Front Movement

Government of Glosian Republic

The main government is ran by the Five Star Liberation Front Movement or the FSLFM for short. But this planet does have a local government that allows for them to rule over there planet and handle petty crimes and other things that are related to the planet and not the associated government of the FSLFM.



Fe'Lan (Our Version of Corn) is one of the key trade offerings that the Glosian Republic can offer to the Five Star Liberation Front Movement. The main reason for this ability is for the fact that most of the land is fertile and since this is not a war like society and more of a spiritual race within the FSLFM they can produce this popular vegetable to all in the FSLFM. Fe'Lan is not the only crop that the Glosian Republic offers.

Other Crops

  • Kiru (Our Version of Beans)
  • Hega (Our Version of rice)
  • Gumu (Our Version of wheat)
  • Flum (Our Version of cucumbers)

To name a few of the vegetables this planet has to offer. Fe'Lan is the main crop they trade with the FSLFM but they also trade other 4 listed vegetables as well. The main reason why Fe'Lan is so popular is the fact it will not grow in any of the other four planets in the FSLFM.