The Arch

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The Arch
Grid C2, Delta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Space Station


The Round Table (Delta Quadrant)


Star Desert

Other Information
Discovery Date:

23 June 2384

Discovered By:

U.S.S. Horlderlin


Skareen Military Research Station

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The Arch, also known as Skareen Military Research Station Seele is a structure located in the Star Desert of The Round Table. Located light-years from any planet or star in the desolate Star Desert, the Arch, so named because of its arch-like shape, was first detected by Starfleet Sciences in mid-2384.


The Arch is composed of an unknown but very dense metal, making it very difficult to scan properly. Upon the original approach of the Horlderlin, the Arch suddenly glowed blinding gold with a surge of power and began to fill with breathable atmosphere. Alien script appeared all over the Arch's hull, but the Universal Translator was unable to decode it. Not a dull gray, the hull seems to gently shimmer with many colors when light hits it directly. The power systems are tetryon-based, with two truly cavernous corridors running along either side of the central core, having 700 meters in length and some indeterminately great height. System reports and other text scrolls across the walls in large writing whenever the station is active. The computer is largely voice-controlled.

Upon the detection of a potential threat, the station automatically activates a near-impregnable scattering field and calls for assistance. The Skareen have typically been able to arrive on the scene in a matter of minutes.


The Arch appears to be one of four similar stations, all of them dedicated to military research for the Skareen. The Arch is Station Seele, dedicated to "biological research and development." Unfortunately, the Skareen have no apparent objection to using live, sapient test subjects for their "research." All four Arches were shut down by protocol HssFerYel in March 2384.

As of June 2384, the U.S.S. Horlderlin has been dispatched to the Round Table to investigate the nature of the Arch.

Other Arches

The Arch is now known to be one of some four similar stations. One structure charted in the Old Theatre before that region was cut off is now known to have been an Arch.