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* '''Warp Speed'''
* '''Warp Speed'''
** {{{cruise}}}: Cruising Speed }}
** Cruising Speed: {{{cruise}}} }}
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{{#if: {{{max|}}}|
** {{{max}}}: Maximum Warp }}
** Maximum Warp: {{{max}}} }}
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{{#if: {{{emergency|}}}|
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** Emergency Warp: {{{emergency}}} {{#if: {{{emergencyhours|}}}|(for {{{emergencyhours}}}) }} }}
== Offensive Systems ==
== Offensive Systems ==

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Ship Specifications

Basic Information

  • Dimensions: (L) x (W) x (H)
  • Decks:

Crew Compliment

  • Total Crew:


  • Thrusters:
  • Sublight Speed:

Offensive Systems

Energy Weapons

Projectile Weapons

Defensive Systems

Primary Systems

Auxiliary Craft

Other Information