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The Tellarite species are a warp capable from the M class planet Tellar Prime, which is close to the Sol System. In 2361, they became one of four founding races to the Federation.


The Tellarites have been warp-capable and involved in inter-species communication by at least the 20th century when they detected the distress call of a Vulcan ship.

First recorded contact was in April 2152, where they assisted a stricken Earth starship due to an encounter with a Romulan minefield. The following year a Tellarite bounty hunter working for the Klingons captured the captain of an Earth starship. However the brother of the said bounty hunter released him.

The Babel conference took place in November 2154, involving Ambassador Gral of the Tellarites to discuss a long-standing trade dispute between themselves and the Andorians. Although the original conference agenda was strictly to cover only trade regulations for the sector, due to a Romulan plot to cause havoc in the region had an opposite effect and created a temporary alliance between the Andorians, Vulcans, Human and Tellarites.

The following year a delegation of Tellarite ambassadors were sent to Earth to form a Coalition of Planets which in 2161 led to the forming of the United Federation of Planets along with Earth, Andoria and Vulcan


Often described as being Humanoid with snouts the Tellarites are surprisingly sturdy. They wear beards and normally their hands have more like a hoof appearance than the hands we are familiar with.

It is also considered that Tellarities are shorter than humans and they often find human room temperature to be cold which indicates that they have a higher body temperature.


According to Starfleet Science The Tellarites often enjoy mud baths.

Tellarites sometimes took mud baths.

It is also a well known fact that the Tellarites are not known for their patient and have been known to use their own words "Stubborn Pride".

They actually enjoy a good argument to the extent that it is considered a sport on their homeworld. Also, the beginnings of a conversation are often found to involve a number of complaints. If they had nothing to argue about they general insult the said individual.


Very little is known about Tellarite technology apart from the fact that their has been an argument almost as long as their contact between the Andorians and the Tellarites in regard to whose technology is better.

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