Task Force 9 Timeline

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This article is official Task Force 9 canon.


Task Force 9 was established following the conclusion of the Dominion War in 2375. Since then, the Task Force has been charged with the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant and the defense/protection of Federation assets operating in the area.


Early Era of Exploration

The Gamma Quadrant was first explored by the Federation in the mid-22nd century by the Quadros-1 probe. The Quadros-1 probe was an unmanned probe that charted a small percentage of stars systems of the Gamma Quadrant, including the Idran system. Little did Starfleet know that the Idran system held the gateway into the quadrant. It was not until 2369 when the Bajoran Wormhole was discovered near Bajor that exploration of the area began.

The Gamma Quadrant is easily the most multicultural region of the galaxy, abound with the curious and the strange, with represented races from the Klingon Empire to the Romulan Star Empire to the Cardassian Union. Not to mention the ever present Dominion and dozens of indigenous races in the quadrant itself. Seems everyone wants a piece of the Gamma Quadrant.

Current Era of Exploration

With the signing of the Jankata Accord the Federation and Cardassian Union agreed that "no species shall enter another quadrant for the purpose of territorial expansion," therefore all Starfleet endeavors into the Gamma Quadrant are limited to scientific exploration and diplomatic relations.

  • One exception is the Kotha Tremali star system, home of the New Bajor colony. Since the system was colonized by the Bajorans prior to their admittance into the Federation, the star system is the only territory the Federation lays any claim to.

Post Dominion War

Signing of Treaty of Bajor.

Once ruthlessly dominated by the Dominion, the Gamma Quadrant was a place where personal freedoms and the pursuit of personal freedoms was just about unheard of. This all came to a change with the Dominion War. The multi-quadrant war resulted in the loss of hundreds of millions of lives and effectively served to brake the Dominion's tight hold in the quadrant.

The instrument of surrender, the Treaty of Bajor, was signed on Deep Space 9 and the Dominion was forced back into the Gamma Quadrant and agreed to the concession of allowing the Federation to begin the exploration of the Quadrant.

Creation of a Task Force

Bajoran Wormhole Schematic.

In order to protect Federation interests in the sector Starfleet Command authorizes the creation of a task force within the Gamma Quadrant. The logical choice Idran was quickly dismissed as it ,being the terminus of the Bajoran Wormhole, could serve as a possible point of contention with local powers and claims of unrestricted access to the Alpha Quadrant.

The Federation settled on the Kotha Tremali star system for the newly designated Task Force 9 Headquarters location. So named by the Dosi, the Kotha Tremali system was previously home to a colony established on the third planet named New Bajor. It was established in early 2370 as the Bajoran's first Gamma Quadrant colony. prior to the onset of war Jem'Hadar forces launched attacks against Alpha Quadrant interests in the Gamma Quadrant, slaughtering all those living on New Bajor effectively laying the colony to waste.

A year after the end of the war Starfleet Corps of Engineers begin rebuilding the colony on New Bajor and also building a base of operations. It took the corps two years to build the base, designated "New Bajor Outpost" and it now serves as the official headquarters of the Task Force.

Crisis At The Gate

In 2385, a terrorist organization, acting against the Federation's new alliance with the Raydeen Republic, sabotaged the Bajoran Wormhole, prompting it to collapse. The same group attempted to take the Altor system, but failed. During this plight, the Dominion took advantage of the opportunity to pick away at the weakened Federation numbers, destroying several starships and crippling supply lines.

The plight stretched into 2386. Though the Dominion ceased its aggression on all Starfleet vessels, it did not hesitate to cement and defend its borders. Starfleet, meanwhile, continues its efforts to reopen the wormhole. In April 2386, the wormhole is reopened thanks to a science experiment gone wrong. The Dominion withdraws to their borders and fall silent, though they still maintain their guard on their borders.

The Consortium Threat

In 2388, a group called The Consortium staged a coup, taking over New Bajor and a majority of Task Force 9 assets. While the Consortium’s motives are not yet known, their plans are to discredit the Federation and expel them from the Gamma Quadrant. Federation starships that were unaffected or otherwise escaped takeover attempts were branded as terrorists.

The Consortium managed their coup by infiltrating both influential and high-ranking circles of Task Force 9, either by coercing their cooperation, or by manipulation. These agents were able to operate unnoticed until the last second, and have maintained their cover as legitimate Starfleet officers. Therefore, most Task Force 9 assets and personnel believe Consortium agents to be truly loyal to Starfleet.

True Starfleet officers and ships, however, have begun to reveal the truth, and Consortium assets have slowly begun to dwindle. The Battle of Starbase Unity was the first major conflict between centralized Starfleet and Consortium assets, and were it not for the timely arrival of Dominion allies, Starfleet would have lost the engagement.

Current Political Environment

Despite the splendor, the Gamma Quadrant is far from safe. Not only are trade partners and civilians taking advantage of the quadrant's wealth but so are the pirates, criminals and organized crime syndicates. However the Federation's presence is there too, Starfleet is there protecting it's citizenry, it's trade routes, providing support for the colonies and starbases that fly the Federation flag, and all the while discovering new and uncharted space.

The now serves as an open door to a drastically changing and shifting Gamma Quadrant. The cleanup after the war has been long and costly, but finally colonization has begun on the various worlds within the quadrant. Merchant trade between worlds is on the rise, with traffic between the quadrants at an exponential rise each year. Thousands have come from across the galaxy, with hopes of a new life and brighter future blazing in their eyes. For some their dreams have been realized, as hard work and foresight often in the long run pay off. For others that hope quickly died, turning many to the only way to ensure survival - piracy.