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Task Force 86
Area of Responsibility

Border Defense

Commanding Officer

Captain Brodie Lewis

Main Website

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Based out of Starbase 86 and bordering the unclaimed Triangle region of the Beta Quadrant, Task Force 86 has a mandate of maintaining local stability and security. They operate in regions beset by insurgency or criminal forces, primarily through cooperation and support of local governments and civilian populations.


  • Manage Starfleet’s border defence and counterinsurgency operations.
  • Monitor criminal organisations operating within the Triangle region.
  • Develop relationships with local governments and communities.
  • Assist those local governments to push back against criminal elements already established and prevent footholds being established.


Following the synth attack on Mars in 2385, the Federation consolidated her borders and pulled back on her exploratory missions to focus on protecting Federation worlds and citizens. This action caused power vacuums to arise in several areas, allowing criminal organisations to fill those vacuums.

Operating out of a Starbase on the edge of the Azure Nebula, Task Force 86 is charged with border defence and counterinsurgency operations throughout the Federation. From its Headquarters on Starbase 86, the Task Force manages and co-ordinates patrols of the Federation’s borders with her neighbours and responds to incursions, monitors criminal activity within Federation space, works with local governments and communities to push back against and disrupt that criminal activity.

One particular area of concern for the Federation is The Triangle, an unaligned region between the borders of the Federation, the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Empire. The Triangle has always been a hotbed of criminal activity but the Federation’s shift in focus over the past fifteen years allowed several criminal groups to expand their operations and threaten the stability of worlds throughout the Federation.

Task Force Assets and Headquarters

With the Triangle a particular area of interest to Task Force 86 and its remit, headquarters along with flagship USS Majestic are located near the border at Starbase 86. A smaller outpost, it provides support and resupply to Starfleet vessels heading to the chaotic, unclaimed region, and for many, is the last stop before the end of civilisation.

Task Force Starships