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Task Force 72 was established following the conclusion of the Dominion War in 2375. Since then, the Task Force has been charged with the exploration of the Alpha Quadrant and the defense/protection of Federation assets operating in the area.



Through the early half of the 2380’s, Task Force 72 operated along a vast region of space stretching from the Badlands through Talarian space. It kept a watchful eye over the Cardassian Union and the Breen Confederacy, not soon to forget the Dominion War, and it staved off disputes with the Ferengi Alliance, the Tzenkethi Coalition, the Talarians and others in the region.

Breen Crisis

Task Force 72’s mandate increased in importance significantly during 2385. The Breen Confederacy, which had hardened its borders and isolated itself following the disastrous outcome of the Dominion War, came out of seclusion. The Treaty of Bajor had pushed back their borders, and the Breen began to contest its outcomes. This prompted Task Force 72 to increase its focus on the region. It established a base, Roosevelt Station, along the Breen border and moved additional assets into the region.

In the middle of 2385, after several months of posturing, the Breen attacked the Karakdru system in the Valoris Nebula, claiming they no longer recognized the borders drawn up after the Dominion War. As 2385 drew to a close, Task Force 72’s mission along the Breen border became even more critical when gravitational eddies from a subspace singularity began to rotate the Valoris Nebula. Located in the middle of the Federation-Breen border, this rotation moved Breen planets into Federation space and vice versa. A topic of intense study for Starfleet Science, it was a matter of even greater concern for diplomacy.

All was not quiet on the other borderlands either. Almost simultaneous to the start of the Breen Crisis, the Cardassian Union also began flexing its muscle, particularly in relation to the Gavarian Corridor. Worried about spreading Task Force 72 too thin, the Fourth Fleet assigned primary responsibility over Cardassian issues to Task Force 47, which was already managing Starfleet’s presence in the Gavarian Corridor. This left Task Force 72 free to focus on the Breen crisis.

During 2386, tensions over the Breen Crisis continued to mount, culminating in the Battle of Garen Epok late in the year when a small Breen fleet attempted to capture Roosevelt Station. Task Force 72 successfully repelled the invading assault group, forcing the Breen to pullback and reassess their situation. Since the Battle of Garen Epok, an uneasy calm has settled over the region. Through 2387, Task Force 72 obstructed Breen attempts to hold systems that had shifted into Federation hands while dealing with evacuations of systems that were moving towards Breen-controlled space. The situation was not ideal, but, with no major engagements in 2387, it seemed that the Breen Crisis was either subsided or entering a period of dormancy.

A Change of Mandate

Toward the end of 2387, two revelations by Starfleet Science marked a turning point for the Federation. First, in November of 2387, Starfleet announced plans for an operation to commence by the middle of 2388 to quell the forces of the subspace singularity located in the middle of the Valoris Nebula responsible for fueling its rotation. This meant the phenomenon responsible for much of the Breen Crisis might finally subside, allowing Task Force 72 to focus on operations more exploratory and scientific in nature. The second event was the return of the USS Merrimack from the Inconnu Expanse. The Expanse, a region isolated from surrounding space by violent subspace phenomena catalogued as gravitic storms, had previously been inaccessible to Starfleet. During her half year survey mission, the Merrimack had discovered two safe routes from transiting the storms encircling the Expanse: a long but relatively easy one around Tzenkethi territory near its border with the Talarians, and a shorter but more challenging one through a heavy storm region between the Breen, Ferengi and Tzenkethi. Though there would be challenges with mounting operations into the expanse, the Merrimack brought back reports that the expanse had a dense interior teeming with warp-capable civilizations, and thus Starfleet decided to explore the Expanse in earnest.

At the beginning of 2388, the Fourth Fleet announced that Task Force 72’s mandate would be expanding to include exploratory, science and diplomatic operations within the Inconnu Expanse. It would remain responsible for the borderlands from the edge of Cardassian territory to the edge of Talarian space, but with the Breen Crisis subsiding, it was felt that Task Force 72 would be capable of the undertaking.

New Alliances

In the midst of peacetime, a mysterious group known as the Ravagers appeared in the Expanse, suddenly overwhelming and destroying Deep Space 7. These Ravagers continued to operate throughout the expanse, opposing and rejecting each and every contact with the Federation and Breen.

Meanwhile, in October 2388, the Cardassian Union made several quick moves, restoring its pre-Dominion War borders and reclaiming half a dozen systems from the Breen, all the while maintaining a second front against the struggling Romulan Star Empire in the Gavarian Corridor. Though Cardassia was able to solidify its new gains from the Confederacy rather quickly, the Union could not gain an upper hand against the Star Empire, nor did they lose any more ground. In early 2389, the Federation was able to negotiate a new treaty between the Cardassian Union and Romulan Star Empire, giving way to new exploration avenues into the Gavarian Corridor.

Peace was now able to reign on one front, but frustration and aggrivation continued to mount on another border. Dissatisfied with the Federation's continued growth and stability, the Breen Confederacy, Tzenkethi Coalition, Talarian Empire, and the mysterious Ravagers signed a unilateral treaty, creating a new alliance called the Alrakis Pact. While they did not form an entirely new organization, this agreement allows the four groups to pool resources and jointly act against the Federation, acting as a wall to contain the UFP.

With war still not an option, the Federation and Task Force 72 must do what it can to maintain peace and order, all the while preventing a total upset of a major power in the Alpha Quadrant. The initial months tested the Federation as Alrakis forces pushed into the Inconnu Expanse while 72 sent in additional vessels to gather intelligence on Alrakis operations. In May of 2389, representatives from the Alrakis signatories agreed to meet with representatives from the Federation's Office of the President, resulting in the Inconnu Access Agreement. The Federation was permitted to continue exploring the expanse under the watchful eye of the Alrakis Pact.

Federation attention soon shifted southward to the long-overlooked Wastelands for new exploration opportunities, as well as future areas of expansion.

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