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This article is official Task Force 72 canon.

Task Force 72
Area of Responsibility

Alpha Quadrant (Trailing Rimward)



Commanding Officer

Rear Admiral Elisabeth Basmanoff

Executive Officer

Commodore Jonathan Bastin

Main Website

Main Website

Forum Section

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  • Covertly monitor the instability in the Cardassian Union.
  • Patrol and monitor the Tholian Assembly border
  • Safeguard Federation interests in the Gavarian Corridor
  • Rebuild and support Federation interests and defenses in the border worlds

Current State of Affairs

Cardassian Union

Main Article: Cardassian Union

In early 2399 the Federation became aware of a deep schism in the Cardassian Union. The Detapa Council, which for years has been in a power struggle with the Central Command for control of the Union, has restarted the Obsidian Order as its puppet. By raiding old shipyards for decommissioned Keldon and Galor vessel the Obsidian Order now has the numbers to enforce the Council's will. The Central Command has vowed to not allow this to stand and the Union is on the verge of a civil war. Precious little is known as to what lead the Union to this point but one things is clear: war is on the horizon, not only for the Union but for the dozens of Federation star systems along the border.

As a result of this strife Starfleet Command has ordered the 4th Fleet to re-fortify and bring Task Force 72 back up to full operational status. Their goal is is singular: determine the full scope of the situation in the Cardassian Union and lend covert support to whichever side is less of a threat to the Federation.

Tholian Assembly

Precious little is known about the current state of the Tholian Assembly. With the current situation in the Cardassian Union, Rear Admiral Basmanoff has directed resources away from the border with the Assembly and there Task Force maintains minimal patrols to ensure that the Tholian's don't try and take advantage of the situation with the Cardassians.

Sheliak Corporate

Mirroring the situation with Tholian Assembly, not much is known on the current state of the Sheliak Corporate. After the USS Enterprise-D dealt with a diplomatic incident involving the Corporate in 2366 there has only been one other run in with the Corporate. The USS Hestia came across a Corporate ship suffering mechanical issues right outside their territory but was not allowed to offer aid and was asked to leave the area.

It is believed that, for right now, the Corporate is content to abide by the Treaty of Armens.

Gavarian Corridor

The area, far from proper Romulan territory, contains several resource-rich worlds, formerly under Cardassian control, that were ceded to the Romulans by the Federation at the end of the Dominion War as spoils of war. For all intents and purposes, the handful of systems are considered Romulan territory. As part of the agreement, the Romulans are given free passage through Federation space for freight ships carrying mined resources back to Romulan territory. It is a point of contention for the Cardassian people who are always in need of resource-rich worlds, and also happens to be one of the only things that reunite the three main Romulan factions formed after the fall of the former Romulan Star Empire.

Theater of Operations

Points of Interest

Main Article: Alpha Quadrant Homeworlds and Notable Locations

Task Force Assets and Headquarters

Starbase 72 (Minos Korva)

Main Article: Starbase 72
See Also: Minos Korva

Minos Korva, home to Starbase 72, was a system targeted by both the Cardassian and Dominion Wars. It never fell to either power, and is the present headquarters for Task Force 72. Home to Rear Admiral Basmanoff, it is one of the most important Starbases in the southern Alpha Quadrant, outside of Deep Space Nine.

Task Force History

Main Article: Task Force 72 Timeline

Task Force 72 is one of the oldest Task Forces in the 4th Fleet, notable for never being disband in the turbulent decades since its inception.

It has been a more than a decade since the signing of the Treaty of Bajor ending the Dominion War and the cessation of hostilities between the Federation Alliance and the Dominion. Since the end of the war, Task force 72's mission has changed in size and scope many time. Though the mid 2380's until early 2399 Task Force 72 has encompassed most of the Alpha Quadrant but was stretched thin as Starfleet pulled away resources in the wake of the attack on Mars.

With Breen aggression on the rise, the strife in the Cardassian Union and Starfleet's desire to expand operations once again the decision was made to bring Task Force 72 up to full operation status and the reigns of the Task Force were handed to Rear Admiral Elisabeth Basmanoff. The Task Force's focus and AoO was narrowed down to the southern Alpha Quadrant while the newly re-formed Task Force 9 took charge of the northern Alpha Quadrant.

Additional Information

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