Task Force 58

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Task Force 58 was a task force within Starfleet's Fourth Fleet and assigned to Raeyan Sector and known as the The Peacemakers. Its primary mission was to bring order to the previously lawless region of the galaxy. It’s final Task Force Commanding Officer was Vice Admiral S’iraa. It was closed in 2386 as part of a reorganization of the fleet.

Raeyan Sector, the area of operations for Task Force 58, was located in the Beta Quadrant and bordered on the Klingon and Romulan Empires. It was home to the C'hakilian Empire, Krazzle Republic and the native Raeyan population. The Task Force had a large anti-piracy role and sought to liberate the vicinity from the control of various pirate groups that operated across the sector.

Theater of Operations


Landmarks of Note

  • Raeyan System
  • Starbase Bravo
  • Hawkeye Island
  • Echelon Station
  • Avalon Fleet Yards: a ship yard facility,on the same level of Utopia Planitia, situated inside a dense and heavily fortified asteroid field

Key Powers

  • C'hakilians
  • Krazzle
  • Raeyan population

Task Force Commanding Officer History