Task Force 44

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Task Force 44 was originally designated as ERT, the 'Emergency Response Team', providing rapid crisis response as needed, where needed. Later, the role of TF44 soon changed and it became the heart of Starfleet Intelligence operations inside 4th Fleet, code named "Grey Mist". The Task Force was disbanded in February 2385 by order of the Fleet Commanding Officer and its units reassigned to other duties within the rest of 4th Fleet. It’s final Task Force Commanding Officer was Rear Admiral Estaban Marturin.

Task Force Commanding Officer History

  • Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Estaban Marturin | Oct 2384 - Feb 2385
  • Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Travix | Jan 2384 - Oct 2384
  • Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Matt Maverick | Jul 2383 - Jan 2384
  • Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Christopher A. Pike | Jan 2382 - Jul 2383
  • Rear Admiral Rear Admiral Valren Arelwynn | Jan 2381 - Jan 2382
  • Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Christopher A. Pike | From Jan 2381
  • Vice Admiral Vice Admiral Nick Haig
  • Fleet Admiral Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer