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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.


Task Force 38 has a storied history dating back to 2357. During this time, it has served as a specialized diplomatic detachment, a tactical defense wing and as the operational arm of the Delta Exploration Initiative in the F'hoca Sector, the Round Table and the Gradin Belt.

[2357-2370] Detachment 38

In 2357, Starfleet created Detachment 38 as part of an effort to return to Starfleet's original mandate following the end of the bloody ma:Cardassian Wars. Dedicated to first contact and diplomacy, Detachment 38 was responsible for negotiating the first treaties with Altair VI and Aldea, the Peace of Donatus, the admission of Balarus and the Cairn into the Federation. It also instituted and oversaw the Officer Exchange Program between 2359 and 2366 until the program became a function of the Federation Diplomatic Corps.

[2370-2375] Defense Force Delta

In the early 2370's, Detachment 38's mandate changed. First, under the moniker Defense Force Delta, it was given responsibility for the volatile Romulan border, and as the Dominion War kicked into full swing, Defense Force Delta, along with much of the rest of the Fleet, found itself eventually deployed to the front lines where it served until the end of the war.

[2376-2383] F'hoca Sector

Soon after the end of the Dominion War, Defense Force Delta would find new purpose after an experiment with an Iconian Gateway on Union III created a wormhole connecting it to an Iconian gateway far across the galaxy in the F'hoca Sector of the Delta Quadrant. In the wake of this discovery, the cross-functional diplomatic and tactical unit was rebranded Task Force 38 and assigned to exploring and charting the F'hoca Sector under the Delta Exploration Initiative.

Task Force 38 operated in the F'hoca Sector from 2376 until 2383. Except for several run-ins with the Borg, the early years in the F'hoca Sector were mostly a return to the sort of exploration and diplomacy at the center of Detachment 38's original founding two decades earlier. This all changed in 2381 when the Borg unexpectedly attacked and destroyed Starbase 911, the headquarters of Task Force 38 at the exit aperture of the F'hoca Gateway. For the next two years, Task Force 38 had to deal with hostile incursions by the Borg culminating in the Omega Crisis of 2383 when the F'hoca gateway was destroyed, along with Starbase 900, the replacement to Starbase 911.

[2383-2388] The Round Table

Following the loss of the F'hoca Gateway, it appeared at first like the Delta Exploration Initiative was over; however, to the surprise of all, the Union Gateway unexpectedly reactivated and connected with another Iconian gateway, this one in the Solaria Nebula of the Round Table about thirty thousand light years away from the F'hoca sector. Task Force 38 used this Iconian gateway to continue the work of the Delta Exploration Initiative, now focused on the Round Table, until 2386, when it replaced the unpredictable Iconian gateway with the Federation's first transwarp gate.

[2388] Battle of the Round Table

In total, the Iconian gateway and the transwarp gate provided unfettered access to the Round Table of the Delta Quadrant for the better part of five years before tragedy struck, but all this changed in June 2388 when the Borg Collective attacked Task Force 38 in the Battle of the Round Table. During the battle, Task Force 38 was forced to destroy the transwarp gate in order to prevent the Borg from discovering and using it to attack the Alpha Quadrant, effectively stranding the officers and civilians of the Delta Exploration Initiative in the Delta Quadrant.

[2388] Isolation and the Gradin Belt

For half a year, Task Force 38 was forced to operate completely autonomous in the Delta Quadrant. It set up colonies, refitted an old starbase as a maintenance yard, made diplomatic inroads with neighboring powers and discovered a cyclical wandering wormhole, the Epatha Gateway, linking the Round Table to another region of space called the Gradin Belt. Then, in 2388, another discovery was made: not only did the Epatha Gateway link the Gradin Belt to the Round Table once every nine days, but, once every ninety days, the wormhole also linked the Gradin Belt to the Raeyan Sector for a period of fifteen minutes. No longer completely cut off, Task Force 38 has since continued the original work of the Delta Exploration Initiative with a fickle lifeline to home for supplies, personnel and information from the Alpha Quadrant every three months.

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