Task Force 38 Command History

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

The following is a list of all who have served as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 38. The list is presented in ascending order.

Task Force OverviewSimulationsForums
Areas of Operation The Gradin BeltThe Round TableEpatha Gateway
Federation Assets Kartelan Station (TFHQ)Helios Station & ColonyDiogara StationPersephone ColonyHestia's Hearth
Gradin Belt Ba'nethBorg CollectiveDevore ImperiumHierarchy Central CommandHirogenKartelan ProtectorateMalon CooperativeMarkonian OutpostOrd'mirit Mining CorporationTurei AllianceVaadwaur
Round Table Divitian RepublicFive Star Liberation Front MovementGhemawat RealmJathlin Trading GroupPerenalthorias UnionPre-Warp CradleStar Desert
Additional Data Battle of the Round TableDelta Advisory CouncilKartelan Protectorate AgreementUnderspace
Resources Task Force HistoryCommand HistoryDelta Quadrant AstrometricsDelta Quadrant Powers