Talon's Strike

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The Talon’s Strike, or pach peng, is the standard class of photon torpedo used by the Klingon Defense Forces. The torpedo is 0.67 meters in diameter and 2.23 meters in length and has a mass of 315.42 kilograms when fully loaded.

The casing for the propulsion and warhead sections is composed of Duranium and tritanium alloys. The forward shield penetrator head is fabricated from layered tungsten, kratysite, and beryllium blesanide.

Propulsion for the torpedo is provided by the warp sustainer engine. The fuel for the engines is housed in three Deuterium storage tanks and each tank feeds two micro fusion engines. Each micro fusion engine is gimbled mounted to provide everything from minor terminal guidance steering and active target chasing maneuvers.

The center section of the torpedo houses the warhead. The warhead is composed of a spherical lattice of highly magnetic borotenite alloy into which antideuterium is directly injected and held in suspension. Upon impact with the target the antimatter charge interacts directly with the borotenite in the container. The warhead is not normally equipped with detonation hardware as the shock of the physical impact of the torpedo against the target is sufficient to breach the antimatter containment. Under special operation conditions a small programmable explosive delay charge is included for detonation of the torpedo with the need to impact with a target object.

Sensors housed within the penetrator head are designed to seek out defensive shield subspace emissions. A suite of both active and passive sensors are used to locate, and track the designated target.