T'panno van Mircea

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T'paano van Mircea

Human / Vulcan






United Federation of Planets


USS Congress
Task Force 72


Commanding Officer
Task Force Commanding Officer (Ret.)

Vice Admiral
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T'paano van Mircea was a former Commanding Officer of Task Force 72 and the former Executive Officer of Task Force 58. An exceptionally eccentric woman, she is known for her brilliance as a scientist and strategist and her penchant for baffling those who have the misfortune to work with her. Her personal motto is, "Reason driven by passion is the greatest force in the Quadrant."


T'paano is the result of a brief affair between her mother, a Vulcan woman named T'pring, and the human archaeologist Petre van Mircea. She is their only daughter, though she has numerous half-siblings on both sides and remains close with all her living relatives. She was born on a small planet in the Beta Quadrant but raised by her father's family on the Jovian moon Europa, together with her human half-sisters and half-brother. She saw her father rarely during her youth, as he spent much of his time travelling to new finds, but recalls her time with him fondly. The mental clarity granted to her by her Vulcan genealogy helped her greatly in her studies, and she entered the Academy at the earliest opportunity.


T'paano baffled professors and peers alike during her Academy years with her propensity for switching at will between the coldest Vulcan logic and the most passionate Human emotion. Her brilliance went unquestioned throughout her studies, yet her difficulty to work with left her mentors questioning her potential as an officer. She graduated in the top 25% of her class, and was offered a posting as an engineer aboard the Forrestall.

USS Forrestall

T'paano was Assistant Chief Engineer of the Forrestall during its well-known battle against the CUS Perikol. In the second day of fighting, the Chief Engineer was killed, and T'paano held duty for thirty straight hours to maintain the ship's weapons and warp core. Immediately after the ship returned to dock, T'paano requested and received a transfer to dock duty, and transferred to Utopia Planetia on Mars.

Utopia Planetia

Upon her arrival at Utopia Planetia, she found the Galaxy refit class project seeking new minds. She threw herself at the work, joining the team working out the problems of the split nacelle design.