T'ien System

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T'ien System
Grid C3, Alpha Quadrant

Alpha Quadrant


Lagashi Republic

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One of the two original colonies of the Lagashi, the T'ien system's name translates as "Heaven." Its three habitable worlds and dozens of orbital habitats house tens of billions of Lagashi in some of the most comfortable conditions within the Pentad. T'ien crafts, textiles and artwork are famous well beyond Lagashi space, and the skiing on T'ien III competes with the gambling dens of Lagash II and the nature expeditions of the Eden system for the most notable tourist destinations in Lagashi space.

T'ien II has the painful distinction of being the only world in the Lagash Pentad to suffer a direct attack on its civilian population during the Sixth Breen War - or, as it is more commonly known, the Dominion War. A raiding force of Breen, supported by Jem'hadar, punched through the system defense forces - damaging the carrier Audacity beyond salvage in the process - and attacked the Jasmine Dream and Fortune's Promise arcologies with energy-dampening weapons which were followed within seconds by quantum torpedoes. Both arcologies were instantly gutted, and evacuation efforts could only extract a relative handful of survivors from the wreckage before Fortune's Promise suffered complete structural failure and collapsed, killing everyone inside. Jasmine Dream remained standing, but only a fraction of her residents survived to be pulled from the ruin. The final death toll is estimated by Federation historians to be in excess of six hundred million, and only the rapid - and nearly suicidal - intervention of the Seventh Cruiser Squadron led by the Russell prevented the attack from being repeated against any of the twenty other arcologies on the planet. By the time relief forces arrived, only the cruisers Acton and Sun Bin were still in action and salvageable.

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