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United Federation of Planets


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Judge Advocate General of Starfleet (Ret.)



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Admiral T'Lara is the former Judge Advocate General of Starfleet in charge of all matters of jurisprudence within the whole of Starfleet. Starting her career in her mid-20s as a civilian prosecutor within the Vulcan government. T'Lara was present a few years later at the signing of the Khitomer Accords and helped to shape much of it's legal framework. Out of that experience she shaped her own reputation and moved from criminal law and into political intergalactic law. Helping to form many treaties and accords over the next twenty years she continued to press on.

Somewhat disinterested in her career, T'Lara applied for Starfleet Academy at the age of 67 and was accepted. Graduating from the academy, adding yet another law degree to her resume, T'Lara immediately began work with the Judge Advocate General's office. At first only as an assistant defender for the accused, she quickly moved her way up and through the JAG office and held nearly every position possible until finally being elevated to the position of a judge in 2349. Holding the rank of captain, T'Lara had little aspirations for the usual aspects of Starfleet: exploration, starship command, first contact. She did however grow interest yet again for intergalactic law and began to work with the Starfleet First Contact Office.

For 10 years T'Lara helped to shape Alpha Quadrant politics, meanwhile earning a place in the admiralty of Starfleet, until returning back to the Judge Advocate General's office. Become a judge once again she soon found herself in more of an administration role, while maintaining her position of judicial oversight. During the Dominion War she oversaw many of the "war crimes" trials and subsequent legal proceedings.

Two years after the war, T'Lara was promoted to the position of Judge Advocate General of Starfleet where she remains to this day as a mainstay of the branch. With no thoughts of retirement, she is one of the senior most officers of Starfleet Command who is responsible for oversight of all Starfleet law, Federation law, reforming the JAG office into an always-evolving body, and the formation of the future of Starfleet.