Suus Mahna

From Bravo Fleet Infobase

Suus Mahna is an elegant Vulcan martial art that draws its roots back to the days before the teachings of Surak had tamed the Vulcan spirit. It draws upon internal strength, using the body's own energy to perform the techniques. The style is graceful, and eschews brute force for speed and alacrity. The primary repertoire of a Suus Mahna fighter involves using one's opponent's energy and strength against them. Suus Mahna could be considered a "fluid" art, believing in presenting nothing for an opponent to strike. One master even stated, "The best best defense is simply not to be there." By evading the brute force of an opponent, the Suus Mahna adherent will seek to leave himself an avenue to take advantage of the assailant. This art can be learned by anyone, although it takes true devotion, years of study, and a considerable amount of willpower to truly master the art. The youngest to ever have been considered a true "master" of Suus Mahna spent 60 years studying the art. Some non-Vulcans have complained that this is elitisim, but the truth of the matter is that these masters still hold the skill to defeat almost any challenger.