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Federation Faction

Each ship has a network of quadritronic optical subprocessors. These subprocessors do not employ a subspace filed but the subprocessors do have the effect of increasing the response time of the computer systems by handling may routine functions such as monitoring the ship’s course and making course corrections as needed while traveling between two points. The subprocessors also provides redundancy to the computer system in the event there is loss of communication with the computer core. Each of the subprocessors is connected to one or more of the computer cores via dedicated ODN trunks.

Each subprocessor is made up of ten processing segments made up of sixteen chromopolymer processing and storage sheets under the direct control of a bank of twelve isolinear optical chips. If more processing power is required, the subprocessors can be cross linked into processor banks. These processors are connected to one or more of the ships computer cores via dedicated ODN trunks.