Structural Integrity Field

From Bravo Fleet Infobase

Federation Faction


The Structural Integrity Field System or SIF is designed to augment the ships space frame handle the stresses encountered during the operation of the ship. The Designs of the space frame for each ship class is designed to handle most of the stresses involved in the operation of a ship. For stress conditions, greater than the space frame is designed for such as high warp speeds or emergency maneuvering the SIF allows for the load bearing capacity of the space frame to be increased by 125,000 percent.

Filed generation for the SIF is provided for by field generators consisting of a cluster of twenty 12 MW graviton polarity sources feeding a pair of 250 millicochrane Subspace filed distortion amplifiers. Heat dissipation is provided by a pair of 300,000 MJ/hr continuous duty liquid helium coolant loops.

The output of each generator is directed by a network of molybdenum jacketed triphase wave-guides to the ceramic polymer conductivity elements incorporated throughout the ships space frame. A secondary set of feeds also proved reinforcement to the ships external shell.