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Federation Faction

The current Chief of Starfleet Tactical is Vice Admiral Yuki Catlow.

Starfleet Tactical is the primary division of Starfleet responsible for weapons, tactics and defensive strategy development. Though the primary charter of Starfleet is to serve as an exploratory and research entity, Starfleet also serves to defend the Federation from any and all possible foreign aggressors.

Sometimes referred to as Tactical Command or Tactical Operations, Starfleet Tactical was founded in 2163 only a few short years after the disastrous first contact with the Klingon Empire. The force structure of Starfleet at the time was geared towards exploration and the Federation was woefully ill-equipped to handle a serious military conflict. Starfleet began development of purely tactically driven vessels and created Starfleet Tactical as an operational command structure for them and was also tasked with weapons research and development.

Starfleet Tactical’s stature and authority grew rapidly during the decade of warfare between Earth and the Romulans. Starfleet Tactical officers soon filled many of the senior posts within Starfleet by becoming a full fledged starship department. At the end of the conflict with the Romulans in early Federation history, Starfleet Tactical was granted it own facilities. The basic and advanced curricula at Starfleet Academy was modified to teach more strategy and tactics in addition to the pure sciences. Eventually by 2235 a career-long tactical officer was named as Commander in Chief of Starfleet.

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