Starfleet Medical

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Starfleet Medical Emblem

Starfleet Medical responsible for administrating all medical affairs in the Federation. It is believed that the main facility is situated on Earth in the city of San Francisco but whether or not there are other facilities is yet to be discovered. Formed around 2150's as part of the forming Starfleet.

The current Chief of Starfleet Medical is Vice Admiral Laura Matzger, M.D. who reports directly to the Chief of Staff of Starfleet.


  1. Contains facilities to care for seriously ill patients and contains a variety of treatment wards and diagnostic centres containing the most advanced technologies.
  2. All new treatments and medications need to be approved by Starfleet Medical before researchers are allowed to use them as it is effectively the regulator for all medical research in the Federation.
  3. Trains and regulates the Counselling departments throughout the Federation.
  4. Also regulates the largest medical database in the Federation.