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Starfleet Headquarters is located in and around the city of San Francisco on Earth. It also shares space with Starfleet Academy, located on the Presidio. The actual "Headquarters" building, which houses the offices of the Admiralty, is located on Angel Island in San Francisco Bay and is accessed by under-bay maglev and airtram. Other sections as Starfleet Operations are located along the San Francisco water front and Marin County.

Starfleet Headquarters is mostly located above ground, but Starfleet Operations Situation Room is located deep underground for both protection and due to the sheer size of the facility. The center piece of the facility is a hundred-meter diameter holo-projection globe showing the entire volume of the Federation. From here, the Chief of Starfleet Operations and his staff monitor and administer all Starfleet vessels and installations and their deployments.

Starfleet Headquarters also serves as the central communications nexus for the Federation. Starfleet maintains very large relay stations in both polar geostationary positions. These stations serve as funneling points for all inbound and outbound comm traffic. There is a secondary array on Alcatraz Island that links with the array onboard Spacedock in orbit over the city for Fleet control traffic. In addition to Starfleet and Federation communications, many large civilian communication companies lease time and bandwidth on Starfleet comm systems as both emergency backup channels and for occasional extra-bandwidth needs.

The Headquarters facility suffered extensive damage during an attack by Breen forces in 2376 and took several years to repair. A new Operations Center was completed in early 2377 and all reconstruction was completed in late 2381.

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