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Starbase 99

Regula Type-3 Class




Beta Quadrant



Starbase 99 was commissioned in 2370 and placed under command of Admiral Alexander Grant. Admiral Grant served as the Commanding Officer of the base for over a year before he was removed from command for health reasons. The base was then placed under the command of Brigadier General Mike Brancer then Station Executive Officer. Under General Brancer, Starbase 99 has been through many trials including the conflicts with the Gorn and Romulan Tal'Shiar.

After General Brancer was relieved of duty by the SFMC and Federation President, Command of Starbase 99 was passed to Admiral Sorac Dunar. Admiral Sorac was only in the sector on a diplomatic mission to Gorn space, he was himself on the verge of resigning his command to avoid a life of desk jobs on bases and losing his beloved USS Constantinople. After seeing the devastation left by the Tal'Shiar and knowing the threat of the Gorn he decided that his own ego didn't matter any longer and that the Federation needed him here.

In late 2385 elements of the Gorn and Tholian governments formed an alliance to create a group called the Purifiers, as a result of this the new alliance an invasion fleet was sent to the Cestus system, easily brushing aside the forces defending the area. To maximize their advantage a number of border raids were organized to delay Starfleet reinforcements and destroy key pieces of the Starfleet infrastructure in the nearby sectors. The largest of these raids was to proceed to the Canterra system to destroy the shipyards integrated into Starbase 99; the command staff were fully aware of the choices they had to make and as the shuttles, runabouts and support vessels departed with as many personnel as was possible those left behind fought to the end, selling their lives dearly to allow their friends and loved ones the time to escape.

All contact was lost with the remaining crew aboard Starbase 99 on December 18th, 2385 leading Starfleet to dispatch a task force to investigate, upon arrival all they were to find was a debris field strewn across thousands of kilometers, the station like many of its attackers had been destroyed. The damage done by Starbase 99 was critical however as it resulted in the Gorn fleet being under strength when they attacked their next target, Starbase 611, potentially saving them from outright destruction. In the wake of these attacks, Starfleet undertook a review of the defenses of all front line dockyard facilities, the loss of life suffered on many Starbases leading many to question the size and resources for tactically dubious installations.

At the time of the attack, General Brancer and a number of his senior staff were en route to Bellatrix, aboard his long standing flagship the USS Gettysburg, to reinforce the large Federation fleet gathered by Rear Admiral Ethan Baker to repel the main Gorn attack and recapture the Cestus system. During the official inquest into the destruction of Starbase 99 General Brancer was cleared of any wrong doing as he was not present due to a direct order from Starfleet Command. No charges were therefore brought against him and he was indeed praised for the resourcefulness of those under his command who fought on despite such insurmountable odds, an attribute which many advised the General instilled in his officers and crew.