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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

Starbase 900
Star System:

Archadia System


Delta Quadrant

Technical Details







2388 (Destroyed)


Created in early 2384 and located in Sector 22-01 and within the confines of the Archadia System in the Delta Quadrant, the Immense Class Starbase 900 is tasked with the protection and administration of Starfleet's presence in the Delta Quadrant. It is also responsible for Starfleet and Federation shipping with access to the Delta Quadrant from the Federation Transwarp Network in the Beta Quadrant. Starbase 900 also sits at the mouth of a second passage, one called “the Safe Passage”, a corridor of space that provides safe transit beyond the Solaria Nebula and into unexplored territory. As such, the passage way also provides trade routes and possible routes for new, hostile forces.

With the station's construction now complete, Starbase 900 fulfills its main purpose in the region--to be the base of operations for Task Force 38 in the Delta Quadrant. Assuming command in 2386 was Ricky Wegener, now Vice Admiral, who continued the process of getting Starbase 900 running at optimal efficiency, ensuring the safety of Federation interests and working with his Executive Officer, Captain qeraQ' to help facilitate trade routes within the region. Wegener brought with him a crack staff, most transferring from the USS Berkeley prior to its reassignment to the Alpha Quadrant.

Starfleet Command, in conjunction with the Starfleet Marine Corps, authorized the permanent assignment of a crack new Marine unit, the VI Marine Expeditionary Force, 3d Marine Expeditionary Brigade, 3d Marine Regiment to the Station. The unit is available for deployment for ground missions, as a quick reactionary force and to assist in peacekeeping missions with Security staff. The marines can be deployed on one of the station's attached ships, the USS Hammond of the USS Takei, or they can utilize the Blackhawk-class or Puller-class runabouts.Also aboard 900 is the VI Marine Expeditionary Force, 3d Marine Expeditionary Brigade, 3d Fighter Wing under the command of Marine Captain Jad Raynar. Made up of Peregrine and Warhammer Class fighter craft, the 3d Fighter Wing serves as air cover for the 3d Regiment and also patrol and protect the space lanes around Starbase 900. For those short term missions, such as escort duty and border patrol, Starbase 900 has been assigned the USS Takei, a Wallace Class vessel, on a permanent basis. Finally, the range of missions that can be completed by the men and women aboard Starbase 900 are completed with the permanent assignment of the USS Hammond to the station. This Diligent Class starship has the capacity to execute scientific, diplomatic and exploratory missions on a small scale, when larger explorers were not required.

Shipping Facilities
The starbase offers repair, maintenance and refitting services for all types of ships from Starfleet vessels to civilian spacecraft including freighters and other merchant vessels.
Recreational Facilities
Starbase 900 has everything anyone could ever wish to access for some relaxation or enjoyment. From state of the art holodecks and holosuites to beautiful arboretums to many different bars, lounges and clubs. The most popular bar on the station, which is also the largest, is The Nexus, an Intergalactic Lounge and Restaurant owned by a Human named Jackson Banning. This and many other services are all on offer on the large promenade. The many owners are all represented on the Promenade Merchant Association. The PMA is chaired by the stations Civilian Liaison to Starfleet and the PMA meets with the station's executive officer and Chief of Security on a weekly basis to discuss issues that concern the businesses on the promenade.

History: From Construction to Present Day

First Incarnation of Starbase 900

The First Starbase 900 was originally constructed the late 2370's near F'hoca Gateway and served for a number of years as a resupply and repair depot for Task Force 38's operations in the Old Theatre. The Regula-II class station was the site of Starfleet's last stand during a Borg offensive in late 2381. The base was destroyed during the battle, and the Borg successfully assimilated all Starfleet forces remaining in the Delta Quadrant.

Second Incarnation of Starbase 900

One year later, in mid-2382, Starfleet returned to the Old Theatre only to find that the Borg had gone, leaving no evidence of their occupation. Starbase 900 was reconstructed as a standard Regula class station. This short-lived base was destroyed by a single Borg Cube during the Battle of Union in January 2384. Most station personnel were rescued by Federation forces from Task Force 38, whose retreat was covered Klingon forces under by General Long'ta. F'hoca Gateway was itself destroyed minutes later.

Third Incarnation of Starbase 900 - Current Facility

With the opening of the new and unexplored Round Table territory, Vice Admiral Walter Picardo Tenson immediately recognized the need for a new base of operations near the Solaria Gateway. Establishing a small facility on Planet Camelot, albeit with no defense or repair capability, he immediately submitted a starbase construction proposal to Starfleet Command, proposing the name "Deep Space 27." Seeing the benefits of a Starbase but also concerned by the fact that the previous two Starbases constructed under the auspices of Task Force 38 had been spectacularly destroyed, Command dithered for months, debating a variety of different proposals, classes, names, and even whether a Starbase should be constructed at all. Within a few weeks, a loose spaceframe of indeterminate class went up, but construction stalled soon after. Finally, in mid-April, nearly four months after the original proposal was submitted, Command settled on an Immense Class, and got to work in a big way, assigning a double crew to make up for lost time. The already-constructed spaceframe gave the work crews a small head start, and they have been hard at work for the last five months, getting more than a year's worth of work done in that time, despite the sometimes hazardous working conditions of the Solaria Nebula.

In late Summer 2384, Starbase 900 came online online with the bare essentials only. Life support was functional, one photon tube had been installed, and one of the five internal repair bays (for smaller vessels) were online. On the other hand, more than 75% of the station was still inaccessible, work crews still putting bulkheads into place in key positions, none of the capital-class repair bays online, and, even in the habitable parts of the station, the work was rough and unpolished. Wires were still hanging out everywhere, and the entire station seemed alive with construction activity at every hour of every day. However, with each passing day, new systems and areas were coming online or being installed, and, within six months she was functional. Her first permanent Commander was assigned in May of 2385, with Captain Garen Tal assuming command of the Station and the stations skeleton crew being bolstered with new acquisitions. Starbase 900 was deemed fully functional and open for business.

Within a week, chaos ensured aboard the Starbase once again when the Solaria Gateway inexplicably shut down, causing a radiation leak into the surrounding star system. An away team was beamed to the Gateway to launch a repair job with the knowledge that if they failed, the entire population of the Archadia System would be wiped out. The 112th Starfighter Air Group were dispatched to monitor external developments. To make matters worse for the Station Commander, First Minister Kala’Shen of Archadia II made her first visit to the Station, demanding a complete report on the situation at hand. During the First Minister’s visit, a mass hysteria induced riot broke out on the Promenade with a vast number of natives terrified by the unexplained malfunction on the Gateway. The Marine Commander of Starbase 900, Lt. Colonel Reeva’lalyn and her troops were deployed to maintain order but things soon turned violent.

Back on the Gateway, the away team led by Commander Auric Taban Executive Officer and Lt. Commander Corvaneo Ca’tavana, Chief Science Officer, managed to reduce the radiation levels, but before they were able to beam out, an explosion rocked the Gateway – leaving Commander Taban gravely injured. With radiation levels falling, communication with the away team was established from Ops, where the full horror of what had transpired on the Gateway was learnt. An emergency transport took place and the two away team members were beamed to the Station’s Infirmary.

In 2386 Ricky Wegener, now Vice Admiral, assumed command of the starbase. Soon after his assumption of command the base was visited by Speaker Zee'Hrai from the Divitian Republic, a member of the Perenalthorias Union of Commonwealths. Their planet was mere months away from total collapse due to an ion wavefront disaster from 2384 that had been exacerbated by the Divitian's continued testing of planetary power systems and secret dumping sites that were polluting their atmosphere to the point where it would be non-existent in a few months. Both of 900's attached ships, the USS Hammond and USS Takei were immediately dispatched to assist the Divitians in finding a way to "cure" their atmospheric issues. The problem, however, lie with the general populace that saw the introduction of Starfleet personnel as a potential attempt to invade or put the Divitians under their heel.

After unheeded requests from the diplomatic staff, then Commander qeraQ' persuaded the Divitian president to allow him to speak to the Senate. During this time, SCPO Nick Marcinko found proof that key members of the Senate had paid a Rheger Tuhg refugee to sabotage the dumps, along with Starfleet's attempts to help. Finding this information caused a major change in the remaining members of the Senate who then allowed full access to Starfleet personnel to help the Divitians in full.

In June, Starbase 900 was attacked by the Borg. In order to protect the Federation, Task Force 38 was forced to destroy the transwarp gateway that connected The Round Table to the Alpha Quadrant.