Starbase 378

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Starbase 378
Star System:

Alcor Sector


Alpha Quadrant

Technical Details



Support facility


Regulus class


Starbase 378 is a Starfleet station assigned to support Starfleet forces in the Alcor Sector, located close to the Cardassian border. The Starbase is known as one of the drop off points for ships before heading to Deep Space 10 to enter the Gavarian Corridor.


The station served as one of the headquarters for the Twelfth Fleet during the Dominion War. After the war, it was one of the starbases to provide humanitarian aid to the Cardassian people. It stopped this process in 2377 and returned to its usual duties of providing support in the area as well as monitoring the Cardassian border.

During late 2385, the crew detected the impending collapse of a nearby sun in the Amorgia system. Starbase 378 hosted a team of scientists to investigate. While evidence of foul play was found, the responsible party remains a mystery to this day. As the rate of collapse, a relief task group assembled at Starbase 378 to help evacuate nearby inhabitants. By mid-2386, the Amorgia sun had collapsed, destroying he entire system and creating navigational hazards in the region.

Before the entire Amorgia Sun incident had occurred, the matter of moving the starbase had been discussed. Starfleet had wanted to move the station to the Olbari system in hopes of increasing protection to the large dilithium deposits found there. This idea was abandoned on the onset of the Cardassian-Romulan War as its location still possessed strategic value.

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