Standard Shielding System

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The standard shielding system used on Star Fleet ships and auxiliary craft. The shield system creates a localized zone of highly focused spatial distortion within which an energetic graviton field is maintained. The shield is emitted and shaped by a series of conformable transmission grid on the surface of the vessels hull. The filed is highly resistive to impact of mechanical incursions of relativistic subatomic particles and more massive objects traveling at slower velocities. When such incursions occur, the filed energy is concentrated at the point of impact, creating an intense localized spatial distortion and is accompanied by a discharge of Cerenkov radiation that takes the form of a blue flash.

The gravitons for the shield are generated by multiple shield generators dispersed in various areas of the ship. Typically, there are at least two generators in the primary hull, two generators in the engineering hull and one each in each warp nacelle. Larger ships such as Galaxy and Sovereign class ships will be equipped with additional generators to handle the larger are to be covered. Also, ships that utilize the regenerative shield design will have double the number of shield generators as a ship of the same size utilizing the standard shield design. Each generator consists of a cluster of twelve 32 MW graviton polarity sources feeding a pair of 625 millicochrane subspace field distortion amplifiers. The output to the the generators are phase-synchronized through a series of subspace field distortion amplifiers.Each generator is cooled by a pair of liquid helium coolant loops.