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Federation Faction

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Survey Data
Star System:

Hailston System


Raeyan Sector


Beta Quadrant

First Contact:

October 7th, 2387

Political Information


Political System:

Voces Pacem

Total Population:


Biological Information


Atmospheric Requirements:


Development Stage:

Warp Capable



Number of Eyes:



The Speras are a humanoid species who originated from Hailston Prime. They are an intelligent and technologically advanced species who have lived in a life of solitude for several generations. They are interested in scientific exploration and have an thirst for knowledge. They made contact with the Federation while exploring a nearby solar system in 2387, there they developed a trade alliance and informational exchange. Later that year the Speras joined the Federation in hopes to expand their understanding of the universe. Unlike Earth and other major species, religion for the Speras was disproven several decades ago. They have next to no historical landmarks, but their discoveries have sparked an interest in artwork and culture.


The Speras are one of the most technologically advanced species in the quadrant. They developed warp drive before the Federation, however there was some debate amongst the political leaders what to do with it at the time. They decided to keep it stored in a R&D facility on a planet on the outer reaches of their solar system. However, there was an incident which caused the drive to explode, killing several hundred scientists. From that point, they deemed warp technology too much of a risk to be useful to them. However, in 2379 they revisited the idea and developed a similar piece of technology that was less dangerous and easier to fuel. Along with that drive, they developed an advanced impulse matrix which is three times faster than anything that the Federation has to this day.

The Speras' weapons are primitive and are not useful enough to use as defensive purposes. They developed the phaser to break apart minerals to salvage for energy. They adapted that same technology to be used onboard their starships for the purpose of destroying comets coming into their planets path. They found no need to develop military technology as they never encountered a hostile species.

Their starships are created to observe scientific phenomena and explore the unknown. They always relied on their diplomatic and peaceful nature if they came in contact with any other species. However, in the past that tactic has not always gone in favor of the Speras. They have several complex sensor platforms as well as many research labs to perform tests.

The Speras have developed a hover craft type vehicle that moves above ground and fast speeds. They have highways that link to every major city in the planet. The engine and fuel is based off of the same principle as their impulse matrix, however not as fast. Everyone is issued a vehicle depending on their employment and their family size.


Early on, the Spera disbanded the idea of a currency. They all invested themselves in a mutual cause, scientific knowledge and understanding. They developed the notion that all of their people should be given a fair chance at education, so the practice became free. They've always used the same language to communicate, however like all languages it has evolved over time. They are given employment and housing in order of understanding of known knowledge, the more they knew the better job they would get. The better job earns them the better housing.

The Spera almost shun aggression, anyone who was aggressive was put to death centuries ago, which was ironic as they did what they despised the most. They found that diplomacy was always stronger and more logical than violence.


The Spera are a humanoid species that have evolved from the Terran race. They have formed a ridge going from their nose up to their forehead. They also have a distinctive connection between their ear lobe and their head, they are joined in a similar form as the Ocampa but without an extended top of their ear. They have the average lifespan of 100 years, however some have managed to age to 120 years of age. Their average height is 5ft 11in, which is also close to human's average height. Their average weight is about 140 pounds with a slim body.

Civilian Government

The government of the Spera are made up of a council of representatives, known as the Voces Pacem, from each state that occupies a different continent all across the planet. There is no single power trusted in one or two people, but are an odd number of representatives who all have equal power and control over issues. Everything is done by vote of the council, but each representative for a continent has a vice representative who assists the representative and takes his place, should an event occur that the representative not be able to appear.

The current Voces Pacem representatives are:

  • Aemilia Tertia
  • Mater Pace
  • Gloria Patri
  • Arcturus Bellator
  • Pacis Amator