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  • The following technology is currently prohibited from research, development and production by Starfl =Technology=
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  • The following technology is currently prohibited from research, development and production by Starfl =Technology=
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  • == Sheliak Technology == The Sheliak use quantum processors in their technology, with bioneural interfaces designed to be operated through direct connectio
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  • == Technology == ...rists suggest that the race developed the ability to move stars using this technology. The Tkon used planets as outposts to defend their territory, and these out
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  • ...Voyager'' entered the region. Starfleet has a strict policy of not trading technology with the Kazon to avoid upsetting the balance of power in the region, given ...the Kazon are just as unremarkable for their biology as they are for their technology. They are a Humanoid race with ridges on their foreheads. At least two phen
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  • ...ste export industry. It is likely the Cooperative has regulated the use of technology and business practices within Malon space, as Malon Prime is considered one exporting and dumping the dangerous antimatter waste produced by their technology. While the Malon as a rule attempt to find uninhabited regions for this dum
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  • ...entire specialized, cross-functional agency known as the Advanced Science, Technology and Research Activity (ASTRA) that fuels Starfleet’s innovation engine th
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  • ...ior to that of the Federation’s, not yet having transporter or replication technology. However, they control a vast area of space around the [[Nacene Reach]], wh ...pha Quadrant contemporaries, as they do not have replicator or transporter technology. Nevertheless, the Haakonians have a considerable number of well-armed vess
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  • ...raylor, in their wisdom, focussed a high amount of their research focus on technology to defend the home world shortly after their first encounter with the Annar ...eve high warp speeds, are outfitted with regenerative shields and cloaking technology. They have yet been able to create weapons that are more powerful than the
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  • ...(her place of construction) ensured the ship was outfitted with the latest technology and more specialised equipment and essentials for her mission of deep space ...y''-class ships, the ''Discovery'' is equipped with sophisticated computer technology allowing for a majority of the ship to maintain itself while the crew focus
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  • ...ue to the threat they would pose to the rest of the quadrant with advanced technology.
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  • ...othermal power and by developing a form of tetryon reactor based on Nacene technology that was able to power the city. ...ue the lifestyle that the Caretaker had developed for them, relying on his technology to power and secure their city. They do not allow outsiders into their city
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  • ...of the most advanced factions in the Nacene Reach, and even boasts medical technology more advanced than that of Starfleet. This is a direct result of the Phage' ...r species and transplanting them directly from a living host. This macabre technology is often employed as a weapon and medical scanner. Nearly all Vidiians enco
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  • ...a molecule is the most powerful substance known to exist. Highly unstable, technology to properly contain it is limited and the explosion of only a few molecules ...With the assistance of crewmember Seven of Nine and her knowledge of Borg technology and science, Voyager developed further methods of containing and safely des
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  • ...destroy their own vessels rather than allow their people, intelligence, or technology to fall into enemy hands. ...e equipped with the weapon referred to as the ‘Tholian web,’ an energy net technology deployed by multiple ships that can trap an entire starship. Capable of cut
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  • ...ilization was once expansive and sophisticated, possessing highly advanced technology; it is possible the sensor network dates back to these times, and it remain ...pulsion systems and navigational sensors. They boast powerful tractor beam technology to further pin their prey, and have multiple means of masking their engines
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  • ...on, this iconic ''Excelsior-''class, refitted with the Federation’s modern technology, fearlessly continues to be an active presence in fleet operations, primari
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  • Chin'toka. It was at Chin'toka that the most important piece of Breen technology made its debut - the [[ma:Energy dissipator|Energy Dampening Weapon]]. Thi ...icant strides in adapting Dominion shield, armor, and structural integrity technology for their ships, making them far more resilient than before.
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  • {{quote|The science of today is the technology of tomorrow|'''Edward Teller - ''Ship's Dedication Quote'''''}}
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  • ...ntain the Home Colony and other outlying worlds that belong to them. Their technology is on par with the Federation and other neighbouring races and states.
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  • ...w supporters and members. This included using their telepresence capturing technology to start a conflict between [[Deltan Union]] and their nearby neighbours th ...destroyed by the Romulans through the use of their telepresence capturing technology. Coalition scientists and engineers determined that the more advanced desig
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