Sovereignty of Kahless/Intelligence

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The following Intelligence has been gathered by Intelligence Agents operating within Task Force 93. As the Sovereignty of Kahless has just appeared on the scene, not much is known.

General Data

As of 15th of Decemeber 2388, the Sovereignty of Kahless was formed by a rebellion of combined rogue houses. The main major house that was the leading force that turned against the Empire is known as the House of Targ. The name was given by the Emporer in disrespect after their former house lord disgraced the Empire. The house name, however, changed after the rebellion towards House of Si'Tac under command of D'okloss (Targ) Si'Tac. Starbase Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' in the Narendra System, that formerly was owned by the House of Darg, is now the HQ of Sovereignty of Kahless. In early 2389 the House of Mo'Kai got involved into the affairs of the Sovereignty by own free choice and even strengths it's bound by the marriage of Toral of House Duras and Nirsass of House Mo'Kai. Thought both Starfleet Intelligence and Klingon Intelligence show an inner struggle is active within the ranks of the Sovereignty, House Q'ras and House Mempa have openly contested for the leadership of the SoK.

Known Forces And Locations

Controlled Space

  • Peloi System (Conquest)
  • Meja's Nebula (Conquest)
  • Heh'Bat (Controlled)
  • Ganalda System (Controlled)
  • Ajilon System (Controlled)
  • Khitomer System (Controlled)
  • No'Mar System (Controlled)
  • Brestant System (Controlled)
  • Q'Ras System (Controlled)
  • Qu'Var System (Controlled)
  • Mempa System (Controlled)
  • Yacae System (Controlled)
  • Narenda System (Controlled)
  • H'Atoria System (Controlled)
  • Klach D'Kel Bract System (Controlled)
  • Balduk System (Controlled)
  • Kah'Las System (Controlled)
  • Mo'kai System (Controlled)


Known Targets

  • 'aj D'okloss Si'Tac - House Lord/General [Rival]
  • Toral Duras - House Lord [Rival]