Sovereignty of Kahless/Intelligence

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The following Intelligence has been gathered by Intelligence Agents operating within Task Force 93. As the Sovereignty of Kahless has just appeared on the scene, not much is known.

General Data

As of 15th of December 2388, the Sovereignty of Kahless was formed by a rebellion of combined rogue minor houses lead by the Great House of Ma'rek. Ma'rek, the leader of the house has been known throughout the Empire as someone who has fell into dishonour. After being discommendated from the High Council, Ma'rek went into exile in an unknown location outside the Empire with a small group of his dedicated followers. In early 2388, Ma'rek returned with a new found appreciation for the old ways, his devotion to Kahless and his unwavering opinion that Klingons had gone soft and stale in their relationship with the Federation. Upon his return, his brother Hod'js returned control of his house and officially declared for Kahless as Emperor of the Empire, a position that Kahless already held but in a ceremonial capacity.

Very little was heard from Ma'rek in the following months with most of the Empire forgetting about his 'official declaration' with the exception of stories and sporadic intelligence updates confirming that somewhere between 5-9 minor houses of the Empire had openly supported Ma'rek's opinion of the Empire and their desire for the High Council to be disbanded and Kahless himself given power. Starfleet Intelligence estimates that currently the Sovereignty of Kahless has the fleet capacity of around 1/12 of the entire Klingon Defence Force with several small outer worlds along the Empires border with the Rayean Transit Corridor under 'occupation' of the SoK.

The Klingon Empire and the Federation does not officially recognise the SoK however, Starfleets long range sensors and various outposts within the RTC have picked up multiple ship to ship skirmishes within Klingon space, suggesting the Klingons are attempting to stop this rebellion before it becomes a civil war.

Known Forces And Locations

Controlled Space

  • Heh'Bat (Occupied)
  • Narenda System (Occupied)
  • H'Atoria System (Occupied)
  • Klach D'Kel Bract System (In Dispute)
  • Balduk System (Claimed)
  • Mo'kai System (Blockade)


  • 15 Squadrons of KFD Ships - Assumed
  • Sut HabmoHwI' mupwI' - Occupied
  • Mo'Kai Shipyard - House of Mo'Kai - Annexed. No Supplies En Route.
  • Weapons Facility - House of Mo'Kai

Known Targets

  • Ma'rek - House Lord/General (Great House Ma'rek)
  • Toral Duras - House Lord (Great House Duras)
  • Re'mak - Minor Lord (House Mo'Kai)
  • T'Kol - Minor Lord (House D'Ghor)
  • Gorkon - Battalion Commander (House T'Kuvma)
  • Glerqu - Battalion Commander (House Kor)