Sorac Dunar

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Sorac Dunar





August 11, 2338


United Federation of Planets


Starbase 99


Commanding Officer

Played By:

Edward Smith


Federation Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian, Andorian


Bajoran Religion, Andorian Culture, Astro-Physics, Bajoran History, Bajoran Folk Music, Andorian Opera


  • 2344-2346 Bajoran refugee school on Andros
  • 2346-2356 Tycho school system; Tycho City, Luna
  • 2356-2361 Starfleet Academy
    • Majored in Astro-Physics
    • Minored in Command


  • 2361 - Received rank of Ensign. Assigned to USS Ecclesiastes, Stellar Cartography department.
  • 2361 - Promoted to Lt, J.g. and assigned as small group leader aboard the USS Ecclesiastes
  • 2363 - Transfered to USS Tuvo in Astro Physics Research.
  • 2367 - Promoted to Lt. and given position of Senior researcher
    • Began exploring Command alternatives.
  • 2370 - Promoted to Lt Commander and transfered to USS Enterprise during her travels in the Gamma Quadrant before the war. Assigned as Head of Stellar Cartography
  • 2372 - At the outbreak of the Dominion War Lt. Cdr. Sorac worked with R&D teams designing smaller shielding systems for fighter craft that could withstand polaron beams.
  • 2373 - Worked on Bajor during the Dominion occupation under cover as a research Scientist in DeCor Province. Forced into special ops to save his home world he managed to survive the war, providing only minimal intelligence back to Starfleet.
  • 2375 - Promoted to Commander - Assigned to USS Melbourne( Gamma Fleet ) as Executive Officer. Where he served under Captain Ben Maxwell.
    • Given outstanding recomendation by previous CO (Ben Maxwell).
  • 2376 - After 6 months on the USS Melbourne Dunar was given Command of the USS Constantinople in TF86 of Bravo Fleet.

  • 2376 - Transfered to S.E.A.R.C.H. After the retirement of RAdm GreyStone, and Promoted to Captain
  • Promoted to Commodore and made Task Group Commander of the Cochrane Group.
  • 2377 - Transfered to Task Force 72. Given the rank of Rear Admiral and Made the Executive Officer of TF72.
  • 2377 - Made Commanding Officer of Task Force 72 after the unexpected disappearance of VAdm Anon and his entire crew.
  • 2378 - After the retirement of Admiral Grant, Dunar's long time friend, he was promoted to Vice Admiral and made Executive Officer of Bravo Fleet to Fleet Admiral Bremer.
  • 2380 - After almost 3 years in command of Task Force 72 Admiral Sorac followed Starfleets recommendations and turned over his command to VAdm Chadwick. Dunar now assisted FAdm Bremer as the Executive Officer of the 4th Fleet (Bravo Fleet) as his new full time position. His flag is still aboard the Constantinople.
  • 2380 - After the resignation of Fleet Admiral Bremer, Dunar is promoted to Fleet Admiral and placed in charge of the fourth fleet.
  • 2381 - After 18 months in command of Bravo Fleet, Fleet Admiral Sorac resigns his position as Fleet CnC in hopes of getting back to starship command. His plans are cut short by Starfleet Command's insistence that he accept a desk job at Starbase 1. He received permission to take the USS Constantinople on one final mission into Gorn space to solidify Federation-Gorn relations.
  • 2382 - During the mission to Gorn, the USS Constantinople responds to a distress call from Starbase 99. After the battle with the Tal'Shiar, M. Gen Mike Brancer is relieved of command and Admiral Sorac is given the task of rebuilding the Canterra Sector. He is returned to command of Task Force 72 latter in the year.


  • Twice noted for outstanding service to his ship
  • One Purple Heart for being wounded in the line of duty


As a child his family escaped the cardassian controlled Bajor to the refugee camps. His father's skills with mechanical equipment proved a blessing to the family which helped them raise money for food and eventually earn them a trip away from the camps.

The Sorac family took the opportunity without even asking where the ship was heading. They later found out that the destination was Earth's moon Luna. Once there Dunar's father began working in local shuttlecraft maintenance yards. He eventually wound up earning a spot on the prestigious McKinney Ship Yards team. It was from here that he was able to get Dunar a chance to take the Starfleet entrance exams.

Dunar went to the academy wanting to be in Engineering. While he excelled at the sciences much of the theoretical math required of him was beyond his understanding. It took much work, and many late nights with his peers to help him in his understanding of his subjects. While his grades were by no means spectacular ( they were fairly average) he always made it though.

After graduating from the academy Dunar looked forward to getting away from Earth, and out into the stars. Although he is far from home most of the time he tries to return to Tycho City to visit his parents whenever he can. In fact just before taking command of the Constantinople he returned from a pilgrimage with his father to Bajor, where they were able to be in the presence of one of the orbs of the prophets.


Dunar is an easy going person. He tries to not let the everyday stresses of life get to him, and tries to always have a smile on his face. He considers the best way to motivate his crew is to keep them happy. While he is not overly funny, or into body humor he will when needed come up with a witty one-liner, or strut out of a room in dramatic fashion.

In Command Admiral Sorac generally expects a certain level of professionalism from those under him, but like to keep things light at the same time. He has been known to indulge in a few card games with his crew from time to time and very little tolerance for Klingon blood wine. He seems quite fond of the games black jack and euchre, he has also picked up many forms of card game poker from his human friends.

In times of crisis Dunar attempts, and typically succeeds, in keeping a level head, and a confidence that he will finish a winner. While confident, he tends to consult his most trusted senior staff members on major decisions if the situation permits.

He has a strong affinity for yemtash, Andorain coffee grown high in the icy mountains of Andor.


Dunar's Parents Sorac Taylon and Sorac Memnar both still reside in Tycho City on Luna. His sister Garret Amena and her Husband James Garret Live on Earth in the Colorado area. His Niece Rachel Garret Is Junior officer stationed aboard the Constantinople.

Preceded by:
Captain of the USS Constantinople
2376 – present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Major General Mike Brancer
Commander of Starbase 99
2382 – present
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Vice-Admiral Frank Anon
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
2377   2380
Succeeded by:
Vice Admiral Robert Chadwick
Preceded by:
Admiral Alexander Grant
Bravo Fleet Executive Officer
2004/2380 – 2005/2381
Succeeded by:
Admiral Tomas Wolfe
Preceded by:
Fleet Admiral Mike K'Wor Bremer
Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
March 15th 2004/2380 – September 1st, 2005/2381
Succeeded by:
Fleet Admiral Tomas Wolfe
Preceded by:
Admiral Robert Chadwick
Beta Division Division Commanding Officer as Admiral Maximilian Hunter
2381 – 2381
Succeeded by:
Admiral Marcus Shepherd
Preceded by:
Vice-Admiral John Jefferson
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer
2382 – 2383
Succeeded by:
Rear Admiral Dhivael Cha`Riuurren