Solaria Gateway

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Solaria Gateway
Grid A2, Delta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Iconian Gateway


Approx. 2.2 km in diameter


The Round Table (Delta Quadrant)


Solaria Nebula

Star System:

Archadia System

Other Information
Discovery Date:

21 January 2384

Discovered By:

U.S.S. Excelsior


Controlled by United Federation of Planets

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The Solaria Gateway is a Very Large Gateway (VLG) approximately rendered by the artist's representation at right. It is linked to Union Gateway in the Alpha Quadrant, and thus serves as one endpoint of Starfleet's primary--indeed, only--conduit between the Alpha Quadrant and its territory in The Round Table, Starfleet held territory in the Delta Quadrant.

Gateway fully Activated

The Gateway is controlled and monitored on the Delta Quadrant side by the Flight Operations Department aboard the nearby Starbase 900. The Immense Class Starbase commanded by Captain Garen Tal affords protection to the Gateway and all planets in the Archadia System as part of the Archalaran Accords.

Gateway activating as a ship Approaches
Gateway before Ignition