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Basic information
Star System:



Raeyan Sector


Beta Quadrant

First Contact:


Political Information

Federation Protectorate

Political System:


Total Population:

4.4 Billion



Atmospheric Requirements

Oxygen and Argon

Development Stage:

Warp Capable



The Sinelans are a humanoid species from the planet Sinela IV in the Raeyan Sector.


Evolving from amphibious primates, the estimated date of sentience is 1.5 million years ago. Even early Sinelans had long lives, making progression fairly slow. Into what equates as Earth's Stone Age, the Sinelans spent over three hundred thousands years in. However, since the species evolved on a single, fairly moderately size piece of land on the planet with mostly water, wars quickly broke out and technology was forced to expand. Primitive water craft were the first modes of transportation invented by the Sinelans out of the need from the overpopulation and war torn continent. Originally built to actually house people offshore, winds and water currents eventually took some people to new continents across the planet. Once it was learned to navigate the planet through the control of wind and stars as direction, the species quickly spread over all land regions over three hundred years.

Each group of people on each small continent began to form their own cultures, religions, and societies. Industrialization set in at around 1267 CE, which brought revolutions in communication around the world, and architecture for the precious space of land. Eventually, a planet-wide government was established, which brought war between various provinces to and end. However, organized crime eventually took the place of wars between armies and started to ravage and control portions the planet.

Warp Drive and First Contact

Having invented flight through the air in 2296, while another province invented subspace communication for instantaneous planet-wide communication the same year, making radio communication obsolete. Subspace communication cause a revolution, not because of the instant way to share information, but because of the signals coming from where the Sinelans least expected: the sky. Sinelan culture changed almost overnight as news spread of voices coming from the stars above them. A space program based out of the same people who invented flight, the Sinelan Space Program (SSP), was quickly enacted by the Council of Elders. However, the program was the focus of a violent struggle between crime syndicates, and was eventually taken over by the Hendrixian Brotherhood, leaded by the planetary infamous Po'Real. The SSP was on the cusp of warp drive technology when the control changed hands, and Po'Real pushed the advancement as quickly as possible.

Crimelord Po'Real, a Sinelan male

First contact with an alien species was with a Krazzle freighter transporting goods to the Romulans in 2345. It wasn't as monumental as Human's first contact, due to the Sinelans having invented subspace communication first and knew that other life was out there. However, crime syndicates continued to rule the planet, and a major space-fairing force was never really assembled. The Federation discovered the Sinelans when the Fourth Fleet entered, and started to explore the Raeyan Sector. They played little role in the C'hakilian War, mostly letting the war wage on around them, as the Sinelans themselves were left alone from both parties. Once the war ended, The Council of Elders applied for the world to become a Federation protectorate and was accepted months later. However, the power the Council's weight is very minimal on planet, and even less so off. In very recent years, a single syndicate has risen to power over most of the planet: the Po'Real led Hendrixian Brotherhood.

A strange subspace anomaly opened nearby the planet in the early 2380's. The tear was causing dangerous tides, threatening a planet that doesn't have that much land mass to begin with. The Council of Elders sent out a planetary distress call, and the USS Devestator-C, under the command of Christopher Johnson, responded. Trying to close the tear and help out the Sinelans in any way, the crew of the Devestator discovered the subspace tear was artificially created, and that crimelord Po'Real was behind it. Ships from a distant galaxy started coming through the tear. Attacking the Devestator and giving time for Po'Real to escape, when the Sinelan crime boss went through, the Devestator found the source of the tear and destroyed it, in hopes that it would seal Po'Real on the other side. The Hendrixian Brotherhood still held it's grasp on the planet, and appeared to be holding strong.

In 2383, in the events that directly led to the USS Devestator-C's destruction, it was learned that Po'Real was working for some unknown benefactors in a long distant galaxy, and he was back. The name of the species and the extend that Po'Real was being helped was never found, as Po'Real and his "super-ship" were destroyed by sacrificing the Devestator-C to stop him once and for all. Reports confirmed that Po'Real had indeed been killed with the destruction of his ship. When it is discovered that Po'Real was behind several attacks on Hawkeye and assigned ships, it has caused great confusion. Adding to that, Po'Real hasn't seemed to want to reclaim his seat at the head of the Hendrixian Brotherhood.



As a whole, the Sinelans are not aggressive or violent and rather dislike war. That fact is also shown by their history, where The Council of Elders never enacted a government controlled military in the entire existence of the planet. While not xenophobic, they tend not to travel much off world, and don't especially welcome many alien visitors to their world. However, with the influx of crimelords and syndicates, many Sinelans have become rather violent and on-planet weapons manufacturing has doubled in the last 20 years. Most people feel they could do without the planet being controlled by gangs, but hardly any are brave enough to stand up to the injustice that has plagued the planet for generations.

When they do travel off world, or aliens do visit, Sinelans act as polite as they can, but usually don't realize that different species have completely different cultures. This has led to some getting offended by the Sinelans, but no real action has been taking against the people, as estimates show that the number of Sinelans that have actually left the planet and traveled across the Federation is well under 10,000. Sinelans still live in a monetary environment, and poverty still runs through parts of the planet.


The most famous artists of the Sinelans are architects. Due to the precious space of land on Sinelan IV, each building is a work of art and extreme function of space. If one gets to actually design a building that gets constructed, that is considered one of the most major achievements in Sinelan culture. To look at the skyline of a province, one would see a varied assortment of styles, yet some of the most functional structures the Federation has ever seen.

Music takes a second seat but has recently gone through a revolution of sorts. With contact of the galaxy, Sinelan music has evolved to include instruments from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. It is commonplace to see a Sinelan band playing other species instruments than their native ones. Some, however, have tried to take other songs and replay them, taking the credit for themselves. This has led to the quick rise and downturn of many would-be famous musicians, but the music still remains one of the major focal points of Sinelan art.


Hardly any remnants of religion remain in Sinelan society, but they major belief was similar to that of ancient Earth mythology. Sinelan deities tended to be aquatic life forms that lived in the deepest parts of the ocean. Rather than having control over the environment, the deities were responsible for the actual actions of the people. Someone who went insane was blamed on the god of the same personality.


Like most humanoid species, Sinelans breath air, are carbon based and have blood that supplies nutrients to the rest of the body. Roughly as physically adept as humans, they tend to be shorter on average. One major difference is the quaternary lung structure. While nessiscary for the rather thin atmosphere of the planet, this makes Sinelans very excellent swimmers and can easily hold their breath for five minutes or longer. In respect to Humans, Sinelan immune systems are considerably weaker, as any plagues that have come to fruition would simply consume a province and die out with nowhere else to go.

With lifespans that rival Vulcans, Sinelans actually have very short maturity cycles. A child will reach full maturity at the equivalent age of 15 years-old. As a result, Sinelan education is fast paced and harsh, but this does instill a sense of discipline hardly seen in any other species at such a young age. Sinelans are distinguished by a ridge that runs down the middle of their face and varies in shapes and sizes.