Sinela IV

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Sinela IV
Grid G4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Sinela system


Raeyan Sector


Beta Quadrant


Class M

Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

Krazzle Republic

Political Information


Native Inhabitants:



4.4 billion

Capital City:

Liona City


Sinela IV is the fourth planet in the Sinela System and is the native planet to the Sinelans.


Sinela IV is the fourth and last planet in the Sinela System. The Sinela star is a Class K star. The system as 4 planets and 5 total moons. Sinela IV is a class M, but is 85% covered in water with a relatively thin atmosphere of oxygen and argon. The native homeworld to the Sinelans, Sinela IV is slightly larger in equatorial circumference than Earth, measuring at 47,533 km. However, its mass is less and has the gravity of .92 G.

With the only portions of land being only 15% total area of the planet, the actual land is separated into small continents, called provinces. With a population of 5.7 billion, the Sinelans have had little choice but to build up. While the world does have a planetary floor limit of 175 stories, each province is packed full with a striking skyline that impresses most off-worlders. On the planet, watercraft is still the primary mode of transportation, with the flight being used mostly by the rich. While technological advancements have introduced some off-land artificial construction of buildings, those projects are very expensive and are very rare. Only the richest and most powerful crime lords could possibly afford.

Each province is distinctly different than the others, chiefly in architectural style. Overpopulation is a growing concern, as the room is quickly running out on the precious land Sinela IV has. A sect of the largest syndicate, the Hendrixian Brotherhood, has put together a team to terraform the moon of the gas giant Sinela III. Consisting of a methane atmosphere and no water, the terrestrial planet has the high hopes of the people to be the great relief in the population crisis. Terraforming is expected to be complete by 2498.


Crimelord Po'Real

The Council of Elders

While still considered the leading power on the planet to the Federation, The Council of Elders is the only oligarchy in the Raeyan Sector. Consisting of 5 people that serve lifetime terms, these people used to make the decisions that affected the entire planet. However, once the rise of crime lords and syndicates started to take over the planet, the Council's control over the population dropped. One of the most infamous Elders on the council was crime lord Po'Real. When it was discovered Po'Real headed up his own syndicate and was secretly taking over province after province, the Council voted to eject him in a public spectacle. This turned out to be one of the most fatal mistakes The Council of Elders made in their history.

Rise of the Hendrixian Brotherhood

With the public announcement The Council made of Po'Real, he no longer need subterfuge to forward his goals. After leaving, Po'Real made an announcement to the planet that he was Sinela's 'Destined Ruler'. The Hendrixian Brotherhood, named for the family of Po'Real, now could publicly operate around the planet. In the years after Po'Real's ejection from The Council of Elders, he systematically took control of nearly every facet of Sinela IV is under his control. 82 percent of the planet is under the control of Po'Real and the Hendrixian Brotherhood, and The Council of Elders' influence is very minimal at best.

Starbase 440

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Built just outside the Sinelan star system, Starbase 440 is a Regulus class base with three capital ships attached. The primary purpose of SB440 is to provide the Sinelans the protection and support they agreed to with the protectorate status. The starships assigned to the base also serve to patrol and protect trading lines, be it for the Sinelans or other Federation trade vessels still operating in the region. While the Federation can't interfere with Sinelan politics, mainly the rampant crime on the planet, SB440 can arrest any Sinelans that interfere with Starfleet operations or a criminal act outside of Sinela an in Federation space.