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This article is an official Bravo Fleet canon character.Federation Faction

Scarlet Cameron





January 9th, 2350




Task Force 9


Task Force Commanding Officer

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Rear Admiral Scarlet Cameron is the current Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 9, before this posting she served as Task Force Executive Officer on that same posting.


Growing up on Turkana IV Scarlet was forced to develop a strong mental state. Despite having family life on the planet was hard and a strong independence required to survive. While her childhood was miserable the experiences set her up for a career in Intelligence in specific and Starfleet at large. She is highly independent, proactive and ambitious. However at the cost of these qualities she will not always consider the feelings of others and will not easily open up to someone.


Early Life on Turkana IV

Despite the situation on the planet devolving rapidly Scarlet’s parents had decided to stay on Turkana IV, the failed Federation colony, after all the chaos could only last so long and quite simply they didn’t have the means to leave the planet either. As such Scarlet was born into the height of the chaos in the 2350s, once she was three years old it had become clear to her parents that she was a really intelligent girl. With educational materials having become a rarity by that time her parents managed to get books from abandoned homes and historical archives since abandoned. This gave Scarlet an early appreciation for the written word and gave her a semblance of education. Despite everything life seemed good, this however was about to change as she turned 6. Her mother had been pregnant with a new child and went into early labour. Well aware that to survive she needed medication her father went out to take some from one of the games, this came with the ultimate price. His death. With the lack of proper medication Scarlet’s mom would die in labour. Despite all this her new little sister had managed to survive and Scarlet’s brother Michael(at the time 11) promised to take care of Scarlet and Amy. For the next few years they roamed the streets of Turkana IV surviving from one day to the other, barely managing to gather enough food to survive and trying to evade the gangs which was not nearly always succesful. They were on their own but made the best of it. Michael, recognizing what their parents had before, made sure that Scarlet could keep reading as much as possible. At night they would often talk about escaping the planet someday and traveling to Earth, Vulcan, Bajor and all the other beautiful places they dreamed about.

Things changed when in 2366 the group of three were confronted again by a gang. Scarlet(then 15) tried to stop her brother from going out but Amy had become sick and needed to go to a hospital. Sacrificing himself Michael fought the gang and bought Scarlet and Amy enough time to escape eventually ending up at the house of an older couple. Rather than turning them away as so many others on the world would have they took the two in and took care of Amy. After telling her whole life’s story to the man in the house he promised he would help them. The next day Scarlet woke up to find the man had managed to make arrangements for an illegal cargo ship near the planet to beam them off and take them to safety. Not sure how to thank the couple Scarlet and Amy gladly took the offer and were beamed off the planet. By his final sacrifice Michael had managed to get his sisters freedom.


The cargo ship took them to a nearby Federation world from where they were further taken to a foster family on Earth. Scarlet, still loving to read, found herself in a paradise of literature. The next two years of her life would be spent reading away and seeing all those places on the planet she wanted to see. Once she turned 18 she had no idea what to do with her life, Earth still didn’t feel like home and she had to decide on something to do. In the end she opted to apply at Starfleet Academy and was quickly accepted. Life on the academy proved tough initially but as the Intelligence class was relatively small she quickly gained friends. Her skill at remaining dedicated to a cause, even under pressure, had attracted attention from Starfleet Intelligence very early on and during her last year on the Academy she was already approached and given special training to be ready for the more covert elements of the job. Upon graduating she would quickly be repositioned to such operations and for the next eight years engage in mostly classified operations, initially just within special operations and later under the cover of a liaison at the embassy on Qo’Nos and as Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Magellanic. After taking a command training Scarlet was promoted to the rank of Commander and given an XO position on that same ship in 2380. After the Captain resigned from Starfleet in 2383 she obtained another promotion and was made Commanding Officer. During this time she would excel again at her new function and in 2388 was made Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 9 and redeployed to the Gamma Quadrant. Following the events with the Consortium she made a field promotion to Task Force Commanding Officer.

Personal Life

With her ambitions and dedication to the fleet Scarlet never had much time left to spend on her personal life. As such she has never had a long-term relationship and has no real interest in developing one at this point in time.


Scarlet is fluent in English, Klingon and Romulan. Additionally she has a significant understanding of the Cardassian language.

Service Record

Year Rank Position Assignment
2368 Cadet 1st Year Starfleet Academy
2369 Cadet 2nd Year
2370 Cadet 3rd Year
2371 Cadet 4th Year
2372 Infiltration Specialist Starfleet Intelligence
2375 Intelligence Liaison Officer Qo'Nos
2377 Chief Intelligence Officer USS Magellanic(Galaxy Class)
2380 R-O-5.png Executive Officer
2383 R-O-6.png Commanding Officer
2388 R-A-1.png Task Force Executive Officer Task Force 9
R-A-2.png Task Force Commanding Officer