Ruined Station

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Ruined Station
Grid A2, Delta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Space Station


The Round Table (Delta Quadrant)


Pre-Warp Cradle, Solaria Nebula

Other Information
Discovery Date:

By the Dendrian Order: 2091 A.D.
By the Federation: 30 January 2384

Discovered By:

U.S.S. Ticonderoga


Controlled by the Dendrian Order
Constructed by the Iconians

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Ancient space station constructed by the Iconians during their inhabitance of the Solaria Nebula hundreds of millenia ago. Abandoned at the edge of what has become the modern-day Pre-Warp Cradle, the station was discovered and reinhabited by the growing Dendrian Order near the end of the twenty-first century. Though lightly refurbished in certain aesthetic respects, the Dendrians made few major modifications to the station; according to Colonel Aled'oh, the commanding officer of Ruined Station, even the station's life support was still functioning when the Dendrians found it. The Iconians, it is clear, built their facilities to last.

In modern times, Ruined Station serves as the most diverse, racially mixed site in the Cradle, a hub of commerce, diplomacy, science, and trade. It is the main point of contact between the Dendrians, the Tynusian Empire, some of the more developed Tynusian client races (on rare occasions), and the rest of the galaxy. The stability of this arrangement has shifted radically since the outset of the Tynusian Wars, however, and the future of Ruined Station has become unclear.