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Grid F4, Beta Quadrant
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Beta Quadrant



Political Information

Approx. 800,000

  • 98% Romulan
  • 2% Other

Ruhoka is a hub world in the Raeyan Transit Corridor. It is a standard M-Class planet, with varying climate conditions. It possesses no standing space-fleet nor army. The present Governor of Ruhoka is T'maekh i-Mhiessan Solos. The present Head of Planetary Security is Commander Kihaia i-Iuruth t'Sahen.

As one of the colonies ceded to the Federation with the Treaty of Nelvana in 2387, Ruhoka was given a choice as well as the rest of the former Romulan owned planets in the Corridor. Its citizens were given a choice to either relocate back to different worlds still under Romulan control or to join the Federation, either as a whole or as individual citizens, or the planet and its citizens could remain a neutral world. Those choosing to relocate would be aided by the Federation to reach their destination and those choosing to stay or join the Federation would be assisted in the assimilation into Federation society.

The USS Venture was the ship assigned to begin diplomatic overtures with Governor T'maekh Solos and his staff. Initially the talks were not going well. However after an incident involving a Federation officer and a Ruhokan Official (details of the incident are classified to the Federation Security Council and Ruhoka Security), the talks turned for the positive as the Federation and Romulan officers worked together to resolve the situation in a positive light. Following the resolution Ruhoka expressed renewed interest in continuing the negotiations which currently remain in progress under the newly assigned Federation Liaison Officer to Ruhoka: Lieutenant Commander Hans Drescher.