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Grid F4, Beta Quadrant

Beta Quadrant


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Star System:

Rowehl system


The Rowehl system is a border system in Romulan space. The second planet of the system, Rowehl II, was once the site of a thriving Romulan colony of a million people. The colony was notable for two things: Its mine, and its power station. The mines extracted the rare substance of 'Stabilized Ununbium', a critical component of Zero-Point Energy refraction chambers. The power station was one of ten terrestrial singularity cores in the Romulan Empire.

Shortly after the Hobus incident, the Rowehl II colony attempted to secede and apply as a Federation protectorate. The USS Adelaide responded to their pleas, but shortly after intercepting Orion Raiders, the Adelaide reported a severe gravitic spike on the surface of the world. The singularity power station had collapsed, killing all of the colonists. A Romulan Scout present in orbit expressed little remorse for this staggering loss of life, leading Commander Jasad Broca of the Adelaide to suspect foul play.

Following the Treaty of Nelvana, Rowehl achieved its protectorate status as it became part of the Raeyan Transit Corridor.