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Romulan Faction

The Romulan Star Navy, better known to the Romulan people as the Galae Command, Imperial Command or the Romulan Guard, is a collection of warships and support craft that compose the Romulan military are organized under the Galae Command, which is formally tasked with tactical and strategic missions at the Senate's discretion. Its authority is entirely logistica, however, as the Star Navy is controlled directly by either the Continuing Committee or the Senate at large; and within the military itself command is centralized at Galae Command on ch'Rihan. The highest military position a Romulan can achieve is command of an Imperial Fleet -- one of the five fleets which make up the entire military force. However, there are also sector commanders, also known as squadron commanders some times, which make for the major stepping stone to possibly achieving a position as a fleet commander. There is intentionally a great deal of overlap in these operating areas as this structure gives Romulan admirals considerable autonomy, they are expected to keep each other in check to a certain degree. The five Imperial Fleets are typically broken up into squadrons which are then broken up into wings. Each squadron will typically be assigned to a specific sector or area of operations.

All Romulans are required to perform service in some public institution or other, and the Star Navy's membership is therefore substantially larger than its Federation counterpart (though still slightly smaller than the Klingon Defense Force). Moreover, the political nature of the Star Navy's command structure tends to lend itself to maneuvering and power plays within and between military units; the Senate tolerates this as a means of honing its soldiers' skills but looks very unkindly on any action that harms Romulan personnel, assets or interests. While it is not uncommon for political influence to dictate the assignment of certain officers, ranks are awarded on an entirely meritocratic basis; an older officer with a desirable assignment but low rank is not well looked upon.

The Star Navy does operate its own intelligence agency, known as the Tal Diann, which is only slightly more organized than the Romulan fleet itself. Officially, its purpose is to gather "battlefield intelligence" to assist Romulan ships in combat zones, but its members devote a considerable amount of energy to keeping tabs on the Tal'Shiar as well. Regular military officers tend to disapprove of the Tal'Shiar, but recognize it is too powerful to dispute; military intelligence, however, has a somewhat lesser interest in self-preservation.

Currently serving commanders of the five fleets:

  • First Imperial Fleet: unknown
  • Second Imperial Fleet: Admiral Ravik tr'Caos
  • Third Imperial Fleet: Admiral Tolak tr'Servek
  • Fourth Imperial Fleet: unknown
  • Fifth Imperial Fleet: unknown