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Romulan Faction


Bird Of Prey-class
Class Information

Light Cruiser



Date Entered Service:


Ship's Complement
Crew Complement:


Overall Dimensions


Warp Performance
Cruising Speed:

Warp 5

Energy Weapons:


Torpedo Launchers:



Deflector Screens

Auxiliary Craft

Class Information


The Romulan Bird of Prey fielded by the Romulan Star Empire was in similar to the 22nd century Bird of Prey. The Bird of Prey was a single hull design that had a rounded bow and a concave stern. These ships were equipped with twin impulse engines that were housed in the stern of the vessel. The warp nacelles were held at the ends of warp pylons so that the nacelles were on opposite sides of the ship and slightly above the ships center line. In an interesting design choice the Bird of Prey had a large image of a predatory bird painted on the ventral surface of the hull.

Ships of this type of Bird of Prey were the first known to make extensive use of cloaking devices. These devices were greatly improved versions of the 22nd century cloaking devices that were observed in operation by Romulan ships. There was one major design flaw with the Bird of Prey, when the ships were cloaked the power drain was such that they vessels were limited to impulse speeds. When not cloaked these Birds of Prey have been observed maintaining speeds of warp 6.

The Bird of Prey was equipped with Disruptor Emitters mounted on both the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the outer hull. These vessels were equipped with a single forward facing Plasma Torpedo Launcher that would fire balls of plasma. The Bird of Prey was also equipped with two forward facing and a single aft facing torpedo launchers. Observations of the Bird of Prey in combat operations has shown that these vessels made use of torpedoes with nuclear warheads. It should be noted that this was the last know ship to make extensive use of nuclear weapons.

Like those in the 22nd century these Bird of Prey ships made up the bulk of the Romulan fleet. In a one one one fight with a ship of the Constitution Class the Bird of Prey was out matched. To make up for this several Bird of Prey ships would operate as a battle group allowing them to bring overwhelming fire power from multiple directions at one time to achieve victory.

Ship Specifications

Basic Information
  • Role: Light Cruiser
  • Dimensions: 192 meters (L) x 180 meters (W) x 51 meters (H)
  • Decks: 5
  • Expected Duration: 90 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 2 years
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 5 years
Crew Complement
  • Total Crew: 150
    • 10 Officers
    • 140 Enlisted

  • Emergency Capacity: 305
  • Thrusters: RCS Thruster Packs
  • Sublight Speed: 1/3 the speed of light
  • Warp Speed
    • Cruising Speed: Warp 5
    • Maximum Warp: Warp 6
    • Emergency Warp: Warp 7 (for 4 hours)
  • Slipstream Capable?:
Offensive Systems


  • 1 disrupter emitter mounted dorsally just forward and to port of deck one
  • 1 disrupter emitter mounted dorsally just forward and to starboard of deck one
  • 1 disrupter emitter mounted ventrally amid ships on the port side
  • 1 disrupter emitter mounted ventrally amid ships on the starboard side


  • 1 forward mounted plasma torpedo tube
  • 2 forward mounted nuclear torpedo launchers
  • 1 aft mounted nuclear torpedo launchers

PAYLOAD 150 nuclear torpedoes

Defensive Systems
  • Shields: Deflector Screens
Primary Systems
  • Computer Systems:
    • Standard Computer Systems
  • Transporters:
    • 2 four-person transporters
    • Transporter Range: 45,000 kilometers
  • Sensor Range: 10 light years
  • Communications Range: 10 light years
Auxiliary Craft



  • Shuttles: None

Other Notes


  • Cloaking Device
  • The Romulan Bird of Prey is one of the last know ships to make use of nuclear weapons
  • When cloaked the Bird of Prey is unable to fire its weapons or travel faster that full impulse.
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