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Federation Faction

Rolf Emerson

1/2 Human, 1/2 Hadian








Task Force 9


Commanding Officer (Ret.)

Major General
Played By:



Early Life

Rolf was born on the world of Hadian Prime in the Delta Quadrant on December 7th, 2328. His father, Commander Roy Emerson was first officer of the Starship Repulse. Roy and the ship’s CMO, a young Katherine Pulaski made first contact with the Hadians on Stardate 01145.6.

Roy and Dr. Pulaski saved the life of Queen Ariel, the royal leader of the Hadians. As a result of this successful first contact, Starfleet gained a valuable new alley. A race which had knowledge of the Delta Quadrant, Gamma Quadrant and to a limited extent, the Beta Quadrant, a strategic advantage for the Federation.

As their first born son, Rolf is first in line for the thrown. Hadyians have a long life span of 1,000 years. Physically he has 3 distinct ridges traveling down the left side of his body. Rolf grew up in the palace, protected by the palace guards and his parents. When he was 8 years old, someone set fire to the palace. Rolf was caught in it and was burned on his arm. However, a friend of Roy Emerson’s from the Repulse, Petty Officer, Duncan McGregor risked his life to save young Rolf. As a result, Queen Ariel made him an honorary citizen. Duncan became Rolf’s personal assistant and life long friend.

As a teenager, he joined the Hadian Wind Ninja Academy. He learned many different types of martial arts and eventually became a fourth level black belt, graduating at age 16. Also within that same year, he took a trip to Earth where his father took him to see the Starfleet museum. What inspired young Rolf was seeing Starfleet’s most famous Captain’s like Archer, Kirk, Chekhov and Sulu hanging on the wall.

Rolf wanted to go to the academy and despite having the support of his father who was a command level officer, there was one small problem, Hadian Prime was not a part of the federation as of yet. So with the help of Captain Owen Paris and his father, Rolf began studying for the academy entrance exam. However, once his mother found out, she became furious over what had happened. Rolf’s father, using his southern Texas Charm decided that his son should have the right to follow his own path. Researching Hadian Law, Roy helped his son become an emancipated minor at the age of 16 and once he was ready, he applied into starfleet academy and was accepted.

Starfleet Academy

Rolf decided to become a Starfleet Marine cadet. He was fascinated with the marine life style and the rigorous physical discipline it demanded. In many ways, the core reminded him of the Hadian Home Guard. Rolf physically challenged to its limit during his four years at the academy.

He earned perfect marks on shooting exercises and by learning additional martial arts. He had an aptitude for learning. He was an avid fan of the Corps’ history, specifically for their birth within the 22nd century.

During this time, he met Cadet Zoey Phillips who Rolf had an infatuation with. The two dated during the academy for 2 years until Zoey was shipped off to serve during the Cardassian front lines where she was killed during a border skirmish.

Senior Cadet Cruise

During his senior year, Cadet Emerson served on the USS Excelsior under Captain Hikaru Sulu’s command. During that mission, the planet of Setlik III was attacked by the Cardassians. The Excelsior rushed to engage them. Captain Sulu ordered his staff including Cadet Emerson to transport down to the planet. A firefight with the Cardassians occurred and Cadet Emerson became separated for a time. Unknown to the Cadet, he would meet his future sister in law, Major Yolenda Grenn who had been transported back in time from the future. Because of Cardassian weapons fire, Cadet Emerson was injured. Knowing what role the Cadet would play in the future, the Major calmed his fears that he would die and as a result saved his life until her ship mates accomplished their mission

Starbase 127


Rolf was promoted to Second Lieutenant and assigned as Security officer on Starbase 127. It wasn’t much of an exciting assignment for the young Lieutenant. He did however meet someone who would change his life. He met a woman name Laura Bailey. She was the daughter of a Starfleet Admiral, Carson Bailey. Laura fell in love with Rolf after he chased a purse snatcher across the promenade. That impressed Laura. Six months later with the blessing of her father and his station’s CO, Rolf got married. Rolf and Laura Emerson stayed at Starbase 127 for the next 3 years.

Covert Operations


Using the experienced gained at Setlik III, Rolf was promoted to First Lieutenant and sent to conduct special operations on Cardassia Prime. This duty impressed those at Starfleet Command. While he cannot openly comment on the nature of the assignment, he did gain quite a bit of intelligence regarding the Cardassians.

USS Olympia


Rolf’s next assignment was the Ambassador Class starship USS Olympia under the command of Captain Erin Carter. Rolf was promoted to Marine Captain and was Carter’s Marine Detachment Commander and Executive Officer for the four years until the Olympia was destroyed in 2364 at the Battle of Wolf 359.

Starfleet Academy


While at Starfleet Academy, Rolf was selected for starship command school. During this time, he was taught by Lt. Commander Daniel Robinson, a descendant of legendary Starfleet captain, A.J. Robinson. Commander Robinson was an extremely difficult instructor who taught Rolf about battle tactics and how to deal with aggressive enemies. Rolf graduated number 3 in his class and was promoted to Major.

USS Denver


Major Emerson’s first command assignment was as Commanding Officer of the USS Denver, a Nebula Class starship. During that mission, Rolf was sent to numerous trouble spots to handle crisis that would escalate into all out conflicts. Those missions included a trip to the Romulan border, the Klingon Border, the Cardassian border, and the Tholian incident of 2369. Rolf earned the nickname “Troubleshooter” because of his unique “Cowboy Diplomacy

Starbase Forrest


Rolf accepted command of the newly constructed Starbase Forrest in the Hadian system. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel at the beginning of 2370. This year saw new challenges during Rolf’s command. He and Laura gave birth to their first child, Bowie during this year. During his time as commander of Starbase Forrest, Rolf Emerson became known to the leaders of Starfleet Command. He negotiated peace treaties between several hostile alien species in the region.

He fought a exposed a dangerous alien threat to the Hadian people and the United Federation of Planets. This species known only as “Them” attempted several times to invade the galaxy by infiltrating his staff. Rolf was able to drive the aliens back into their dimension.

Those actions plus his tactics in participating in key battles during the Dominion War earned him a promotion to Colonel in 2375.

Atlantis, Deep Space 7


The first two years of his command of Deep Space 7 were eventful as Rolf was transferred from the Marine Corps to the fleet side. He also gained a promotion to Rear Admiral.

Rise of the Civilians


More and more civilians began arriving on Atlantis. This concerned many officers within the fleet. The Civilians gained more influence with the election of a governor. As for Admiral Emerson, he handed more and more duties to his new executive officer, Captain Jennifer Tompkins. Rolf soon was contacted by Admiral Michael Rollins of the 9th fleet who was looking to retire. He had herd about all that Rolf had accomplished and wanted Rolf to take over for him. Rolf quickly accepted and at the close of 2382, announced to a shocked population of Allura 9 that he was transferring away from the 4th Fleet and heading for newer opportunities.

Deep Space 8, Task Force 97 Commanding Officer, 9th fleet


Rolf took the USS Minneapolis which had always been his flag ship with him to Deep Space 8, near the Federation/Klingon Border and established his new command structure. This position gave him the rank of Vice Admiral where his responsibilities included helping to recruit and rebuild the Task force. Unknown to Rolf, this was a test. Admiral Uhura wanted to test Rolf to see how he would administer things as eh eventually wanted him for the position that she was soon going to give up. She was more than impressed at how quickly Rolf rebuild and recruited officers into the Task Force which had suffered losses following the Dominion War.

Director of Starfleet Intelligence


Admiral Uhura, impressed with Rolf’s organization skilled had him promoted to Admiral in this year. She also insisted, more like ordered that he take over her position as Director of Starfleet Intelligence. Rolf reluctantly accepted the position. His wishes were to eventually become head of Starfleet and as the Admiral pointed out, this was a stepping stone to get to that dream position that he wanted so badly. He relocated his flag officer to Alpha Centuari that year where he helped Douglas Elkar who had just won election to the Federation Council. Rolf didn’t like the position at all. He had to authorize missions all over the Federation, he became more and more like a desk man. He felt more at home in the field. Also during this year, Rolf began to reminisce about his time with the marine core. The marine core was always his first love. However, during a meeting with the Starfleet executive officer, he and Admiral Edward Jellico got into a fist fight when Rolf confronted Jellico with evidence of his involvement in crimes against the Federation. What Rolf didn’t take into account was that the executive officer of Starfleet, a long time friend of Jellico was in on it with him. Together, Jellico and the starfleet XO gave Rolf a choice, to resign from the Federation or accept a demotion. Rolf then expressed a desire to return to the Marine Corps. That was where he was the most happy.

Task Force 44


Defeated and broken and now disgraced, Rolf was not looking forward to his new assignment. Before knowing where he would be reassigned, Admiral Taylor suggested to him to contact Rear Admiral Travix of Task Force 44 and see about working with the Denobulans. Rolf was already familiar with Travix as the two worked together during the Cardassian Operation years ago. If anyone would understand his situation, it would be his old friend, Travix.


Mother: Queen Aieral (Current Ruler of Hadian Prime)
Father: King Roy Emerson (Admiral, Retired)
Brothers: T.J., Mike, Eric, and Jay
Sisters: Karen, Rose, and Alyssia
Spouse: Laura Emerson (deceased) killed in 2376
Spouse: R’alka Emerson
Children: Bowie, Lisa and Tommy
Adopted children: Jim, Joey and Christie
Other relatives: Fleet Admiral Robert Chadwick (Retired), Dana Chadwick (Aunt and Uncle)

Description and Appearance

On the surface, Rolf Emerson appears to be a human male in his late 50’s early 60’s. He has a half bald spot in the middle of his forehead. Many of his enemies take him for being a weak, old man, but they quickly realize he is no one to be truffle with. As a ½ Human, ½ Haydian Rolf inherits the best of both worlds.


Rolf is a by the book officer. When he gives an order, he expects it to be obeyed. He doesn’t tolerate mistakes; perhaps that is his marine training kicking in. Rolf is and always has been a smart ass to his friends, but when it comes down to it, he’s right there in the trenches with the men and women under his command. He makes friends and family every where he goes. The many officers who served under him have become extremely loyal to him as he understands the pressures Starfleet service places on him.

Additional Information

Languages: Haydian Standard, Federation Standard

Interest: Martial Arts, Bowling, Boxing, Basketball

Ambitions and Interest

Rolf’s ultimate goal is to become Commander-In-Chief of Starfleet.


Boxing, lifting weights, Hadian Sea Punch, listening to Klingon Opera, Water Polo


Most human food, small spaces, fire

Medical Addendum

Log Entry recorded on Stardate 54843.3
Log Entry recorded by Dr. Mae Jameson, Chief Medical officer, USS Farragut

"General Emerson was admitted into sickbay today complaining of stomach cramps. he was here visiting his uncle Vice Admiral Robert Chadwick who is the commanding officer of Task Force 72 and this ship’s commanding officer. The Admiral hosted a dinner with some special VIP guest aboard. Despite objections from General Emerson, Admiral Chadwick insisted that Rolf try some human food as in all the years that the Admiral has known him, he’s never seen Rolf eat any human food at all. Of course Rolf was resistant to the idea stating that he was used to eating foods from Hadian Prime. As the Admiral pointed out, Rolf is ½ human so in theory he should be able to handle human food and drink as well.

Rolf decided to try a dish the chef had prepared by the VIP as a sign of respect. While the General seemed to like the taste, he quickly found out that it didn’t agree with his stomach and began vomiting all over the table. Medical teams were called to the gathering and determined that the food he had eaten had caused severe stomach pains. After we contacted Hadian Prime and found out what medications the General was allergic to, we were able to calm the General’s stomach down and he slept peacefully through the night.

The head of the alien government visiting our ship offered his deepest apologies to the Admiral and when General Emerson was awake, his aunt, ship’s counselor Dana Emerson gently reminded her husband how fragile the Hadian digestive system was and that this would be a lesson to him. Rolf swore that he would never again try any human food or drink as a result of this and Admiral Chadwick quickly apologized for making him try something different."

Service Record

2328-2345 Civilian, Hadian Prime
2345-2350 Cadet, Starfleet Marine Corps
2350 Cadet Cruise, USS Excelsior
2350 Promotion to Second Lieutenant
2350-2353 Starbase 127, Security officer
2354 Promotion to 1st Lieutenant
2354-2360 Covert Operations Cardassia Prime (Classifed)
2360 Promotion to Marine Captain, Executive Officer, Marine Commanding Officer
2360-2364 Marine CO, USS Olympia
2364-2366 Starfleet Academy, Command School
2366 Promotion to Major
2366-2370 Commanding Officer, USS Denver
2370 Promotion to Lt. Colonel
2370-2375 Commanding Officer, Starbase Forrest
2375 Promotion to Colonel
2375-2377 Commanding Officer, USS Minneapolis
2377 Promotion to Brigadier General
2377-2378 Commanding officer, USS Minneapolis A
2379 Transfer from Marine Corps to Starfleet Service Division
2379 Promotion to Rear Admiral
2379-2382 Commanding Officer, Deep Space 7
2382 Promotion to Vice Admiral
2382-2384 Director of Starfleet Intelligence
2383 Promotion to Admiral
2384 Removed from the position of Director of Starfleet Intelligence
2384 Transfer Request made to rejoin the Marine Corps granted
2384 Demoted to the rank of Major General
2384 Arrives at Norao Colony as Mission Advisor
2384 Transfer to Norao Colony as Commanding Officer
2384 Transfer to Task Force 9 as Task Force Commanding Officer.